Northwire – NWI Lab360’s Next Gen Electric Vehicle Cable Charges into the Future

By Cable Assembly Supplier | August 01, 2013

NWI Lab360’s Next Gen Electric Vehicle Cable Charges into the Future

Northwire (NWI) offers a family of reliable hybrid and electric vehicle charging cables featuring power, signal, data, and fiber custom composite options in any AWG size to suit all electric vehicle applications in today’s market. While NWI’s current EV cable suite is compatible with commercial and residential charging applications, its Next Gen EV cable will include the same benefits and expand the geographic scope with the C-UL-US mark that indicates compliance with both Canadian and US requirements. Northwire’s Next Gen EV cable will also feature a cold temperature impact rating of -40°C.

NWI meets standard and unique cabling requirements with design engineering, rapid cable prototyping, and more than 1,200 years of subject matter expertise to navigate automotive and EV standards, fast delivery options with no minimum quantity or length requirements for custom technical wire and cable, retractile cords, cable assemblies, connectors, harnesses, injection molded plastic parts, and over-molded products.

“Northwire is pleased to complement our valued customers’ competitive advantage in the marketplace by helping them maintain the leading-edge with the industry’s first Next Gen EV cable,” said Carol Jensen, technical sales manager with Northwire. “NWI’s Next Gen EV cables represent a market positioning opportunity for our customers to maintain premier status in the front of the pack, generate new geographic growth, and build market share.”

Based upon the strong demand for NWI EV cables, Northwire’s goal is to ensure that its Next Gen EV cables will be first on the market as soon as the UL charter is complete. Featuring superior over-mold compatibility and backed by NWI’s expertise, product quality, and services, the advanced flexibility of NWI EV cables ensures that they are built to last.

Northwire’s custom EV cables are engineered to withstand high temperatures of 105°C and harsh environments, including resistance to abrasion, crush, oil, chemical, ultra-violet, weld flash, and weld slag. Suitable for wet location use and compliant to RoHS2, NWI’s EV cable is UL 62 listed, compatible with SAE J1772 connectors, UL 2594, and NEC 625 charging systems. FT2-rated, Northwire’s 300 and 600 Volt EV cable is non-marking and available in standard straight or retractile options with custom configurations that include composite designs, custom colors, and private labels.

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