Kycon RJ45 with Integrated Magnetics

By News Release | May 12, 2015

Kycon RJ45 with integrated magnetics helps designers realize space and applied cost savings as well as improved electrical performance.

KyconKycon RJ45 with Integrated Magnetics now offers three new RJ45 modular jacks with integrated magnetics for use in 10/100-Base-T Ethernet applications. Available configurations include a right-angle single port, tab down with LEDs (G1LX series); right-angle single port, tab up with LEDs (G2LX series); and a vertical mount with LEDs (G3LX series).

Each series can be made with alternative magnetic schematics, LED and shield, and plating options, although minimums apply.

By integrating the magnetic components into the traditional modular jack connector, designers can realize space and applied cost savings, as well as improved electrical performance. Kycon will continue to expand the RJ45 with integrated magnetics offerings including gigabit Ethernet options and custom options.

The connectors are ideal for networking, computer, and telecom applications.

News Release
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