Kycon 8A High-Current DC Power Jack

By News Release | October 06, 2014

The Kycon 8A High-Current DC Power Jack expands the supplier’s existing line to meet customer needs.

KyconKycon 8A High-Current DC Power Jacks expanded its line of high-current DC power jacks with an 8A version. Designated the KLDHCX-8 series, the newest version provides a footprint similar to Kycon’s standard DC power jacks, and is available in 2.0mm diameter and 2.5mm diameter sizes. Rated to 8A, Kycon recommends customers use plugs with a tuning fork design with the jacks.

The KLDHCX-8 series is ideal for use in laptop and handheld computers, portable modems, radar detectors, and other portable devices.

News Release
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