iNEMI Researches the State of the Industry

By News Release | February 02, 2015

In preparation for its upcoming roadmap publication, iNEMI is researching the state of the industry with questionnaires on high-speed connector testing and connector reliability. See how you can be part of it. 


The International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) is looking for input from members of the connector industry to help in compiling its annual roadmaps. Please click the links below if you are involved with high-speed connector test and/or connector reliability as a connector supplier or OEM/EMS.

INEMI has two connector questionnaires:

  • High Speed Test Metrology
  • Test/Prediction of Connector Reliability

After compiling the results of these questionnaires, iNEMI will publish white papers and move to the second phase – to develop detailed recommendations for the industry. These questionnaire subjects made the final cut from several connector questions brought up by OEM members and examined by the INEMI executive committee.

Please feel free to forward these questionnaires to another associate who has an interest in these subjects.


Your Input is Needed for Two iNEMI Connector Surveys

iNEMI is calling for your participation in one, or both, of two connector surveys. The responses to these surveys will help our two connector project teams answer many of the industry’s questions and identify gaps, plus it will provide input for a white paper. There are two projects, and two surveys (described below). Your response is greatly appreciated.

 CONNECTOR RELIABILITY TEST RECOMMENDATIONS  SURVEY This project was initiated to help the connector industry review and develop a standardized approach to the different classes of connectors. The project team is using a survey to better understand the definitions of various connector levels, and to identify gaps in standards, design requirements, test requirements and end-use requirements of the connector industry.
 HIGH-SPEED SIGNALING CONNECTOR METROLOGY SURVEY The first of the two phases of this project is focused on understanding of the capabilities/interests of participating companies and defining the test strategy for cross-company correlation. The information gathered from this survey will lay a solid foundation for the project scope and ensure that the common interests of the participants is covered.


INEMI is the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative. It is a non-profit member-sponsored organization in the Washington, D.C. area with a core objective to support the materials, components, and process technologies used in electronic product manufacturing. Its market focus includes consumer/mobile, office equipment, high-performance and military/aerospace, medical electronics, automotive electronics, and emerging technologies. It publishes a biennial Electronics Manufacturing Technology Roadmap across 20 component and systems market segments  of which Bishop & Associates’ John MacWilliams authors the connector roadmap chapter – and sponsors a number of other technology and manufacturing initiatives to assist the industry. 

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