Updated: February 21st, 2019

Challenging the Counterfeit Connector Conundrum

Challenging the Counterfeit Connector ConundrumEvery day, it seems like we hear about another bogus product being foisted on an unsuspecting public. In some situations, we are willing to accept substitutions for the real thing. For instance, we’ll accept facsimiles in order to have a Santa in every mall. But maintaining a childhood fantasy is one thing — a defective bolt in a commercial airliner is entirely different.

First it was Rolex watches, then Gucci handbags. Over the years the list has grown to include all types of name brand clothing, computer software, perfume, climbing equipment, nuts and bolts, consumer electronic devices, and even premium brands of liquor. Just about any product that is sold in volume and commands a good price is fair game.

Literally thousands of large and small shops, mostly based in Asia and India, have been churning out bogus products that may look like the real thing, but hit the market at half the price of the genuine article. For these suppliers, paten