Backplane Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | September 06, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights backplane connectors from leading suppliers.

Backplane Connectors

The LRM Surface Mount Connectors from Amphenol Aerospace meet the high-density needs of today’s integrated electronic modules. The flexible design meets and exceeds the wide variety of user requirements. With multiple different contacts being used in the connectors, mainly digital (brush), thousands of combinations of inserts are possible. The brush contacts with low mating force, ESD shields for Level II Maintenance, and lateral float for ultimate cold wall heat dissipation make this board-to-board mating scheme an ideal solution for ruggedized chassis.


Nicomatic’s Micro EMM connector with 1.27mm pitch achieves more than 40% space reduction compared to its parent CMM and 20% compared to standard micro-D connectors. Designed to meet the performance requirements of MIL 83513, it integrates key features such as reversed contacts, integrated 90° back protection, and interchangeable hardware. Suited to both board-to-board (thanks to its secure wiping length), and board-to-wire (from gauge 24 to gauge 30) configurations, EMM will provide extreme modularity with any pin selection available from 04 to 60 signal contacts. Cable versions can be cabled at Nicomatic or crimped by you.


SV Microwave’s VITA 67 interconnects from ICC are a high-density RF addition to the VPX Platform. The interconnects are easy to install and feature cable assembly plug-in modules that mate to backplane adapters. The VITA 67.3 SMPS series product line features readily available 12-port and 19-port plug-in and backplane modules, fixed-length VITA 67.3 SMPS to male SMA C/As, VITA 67.3 SMPS Contact for Ø.047″ and Ø.085″ cable, and SMPS min pitch .155″. This robust and rugged solution is ideal for high-frequency and high-density applications in aerospace, defense, communications, and more. Available in half-width (4-port) and full-width (8-port) form factors, VITA 67 also offers floating SMPM coaxial contacts for superior RF performance in any mating condition.


The NXS Series from Smiths Interconnect is ultra-high density and space qualified. Equipped with Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology, the NXS system can withstand data rate applications up to 50 Gb/s per bay requirements, including extreme levels of vibration, shock, and climatic testing above 2100 G. The NXS Series features a robust construction with 4 or 12 high-speed quadrax (dual-twinax) modules.


The Amphenol industrial backplane connector range is one of the industry’s broadest and includes hard metric connectors, future bus connectors, and DIN 41612 connectors. Performing to industry standards such as IEC, Compact PCI, and EN44545, these robust, feature-packed, compact connectors are designed for use in rugged applications in industrial, instrumentation, smart grid, wind energy, communications, medical, railways, and avionics.


Samtec ExaMAX® high-density backplane systems improve signal integrity and routability using Samtec Flyover® cable assemblies technology, which routes the signal above a lossy PCB using co-extruded, ultra-low skew twinax for improved bandwidth and reach. Direct solder attach-to-contacts optimizes the signal path, further enhancing performance. These cable assemblies are rated at 112 Gb/s PAM4. The contact system on the ExaMAX board-to-board connector system achieves two reliable points of contact at all times and minimizes residual stub for improved signal integrity performance, while providing low mating force and excellent contact normal force. Signal wafers incorporate a one-piece, embossed ground structure which improves crosstalk. ExaMAX board-to-board systems are rated at 56 Gb/s PAM4.


Powell supplies TE Connectvity’s MULTIGIG RT connector, a backplane interconnect family that offers levels of flexibility and customization. This printed circuit based, pinless interconnect is comprised of modular components, which can be used in a variety of combinations. Applications include military, aerospace and defense, mass data storage, high-end and mid-range servers, and telecommunications equipment. MULTIGIG RT features 10 Gb/s performance, customizable impedance matched printed circuit wafer interface, backplane connector system with “pinless” interface, superior crosstalk performance, optimized footprints for signal integrity, and ease of board design. A 0.56 [.022] diameter via for a backplane connector results in lower board fabrication costs. The modular connector system features three levels of signal contact sequencing.


Samtec’s EBTF connector series available from Avnet features the ExaMAX High-Speed Backplane System. This system meets a variety of industry specifications. Exceeding OIF CEI-28G-LR specification for 28 Gb/s standards with 24 – 72 pair designs (4 and 6 pairs; 6, 8, 10, and 12 columns), its wafer design increases isolation for reduced crosstalk and the press-fit tails provide a reliable electrical connection.


Amphenol’s Paladin 112 Gb/s Backplane Connector features revolutionary architecture that sets the benchmark for signal integrity performance in backplane interconnects. Exhibiting smooth linear transmission beyond 40 GHz, the lowest crosstalk in the market, and consistent signal integrity performance over its entire mating range, Paladin is designed for scalability and flexibility through use of a simplified connector construction. It also offers the broadest product platform in the industry, supporting traditional backplanes, cable backplanes, over 100 potential direct orthogonal configurations, and much more. Additional features include impedance control over a 2 mm connector de-mate, discretely shielded and balanced differential pairs, and common mating interface for all orientations.

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