AVX 2mm Vertical Poke-Home WTB Contact

By Contributed Article | June 15, 2015

The new AVX 2mm vertical poke-home WTB contact is 37% smaller than the next smallest product in the 9296 series and is ideal for light industrial applications. 

AVX CorporationAVX-70-9296-Micro-PH-Vertical-Contacts-150 released a new 2mm vertical poke-home wire-to-board (WTB) contact. The latest addition to AVX’s 70-9296 Series, the new micro contact accepts 26 – 22AWG solid or stranded wires, supports current ratings as high as 8A, and is 37% smaller than the next smallest offering in the series (a 3mm vertical poke-home WTB contact). It is compatible with smaller wire gauges and devices and extends the applications for the series to light industrial electronics such as display-case and under-cabinet SSL products with lower current and shorter runs, switches, lighting strips, and motion, pressure, and temperature sensors, among others.

The new 2mm vertical WTB contact is available with topside or through-board contact locations and bottom- or top-entry wire insertion for both FR4 and metal core PCBs. Based on AVX’s industry-proven dual-beam box contact design, which utilizes high-quality phosphor bronze contacts with tin over nickel plating, the new 70-9296 Series single contact provides the same robust and reliable electrical performance, mechanical stability, and wire retention as the 9296 Series vertical WTB connectors. It also offers increased functionality with regard to placement at a lower cost due to the absence of the plastic insulator and associated assembly costs.

“Our new 2mm vertical poke-home WTB contacts extend the applications for the 70-9296 Series into light industrial electronics and provide significant benefits over the existing connector solutions designed for this market by providing maximum electrical and mechanical performance in a cost-effective, stripped down format,” said Tom Anderson, product manager at AVX.

UL-certified, RoHS-compliant, and packaged on tape and reel for automated SMT placement, the new 70-9296 Series vertical poke-home contacts are rated for 300V based on placement distance; 5–8A, depending on AWG; five-cycle durability; and operating temperatures spanning -40°C to +125°C.

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