Antennas Product Roundup- October 2023

By AJ Born | October 24, 2023

This week’s Product Roundup highlights antennas from leading connector manufacturers and suppliers.


AN01 Series antennas from JAEAN01 Series antennas from JAE are compact and high performance, featuring industry-leading high efficiency despite a size of about 1/10 of the wavelength. Omnidirectional radiation creates radio coverage without dead spots. The automatic pick-and-place mounting-compatible surface mount device (SMD) reduces installation cost. Minimal influence from nearby metallic objects and dielectric materials and fewer restrictions on component placement ensure a high degree of design flexibility.

Vishay surface mount ceramic chip antennas supplied by AvnetSmall form factor and high-performance Vishay surface mount ceramic chip antennas supplied by Avnet are designed for operation at 1.575 GHz. They allow manufacturers to design high quality products without the incumbrance of a large external antenna and are designed to be assembled onto a PC board using a standard reflow process.


SV Microwave's Ruggedized RF antennasDurable SV Microwave’s Ruggedized RF antennas offer robust construction and an IP67 rating. They are less prone to damage or failure due to the environmental factors found in various applications.


Molex SMA connectors are high-performance subminiature connectors for microwave frequencies. The SMA is one of the most popular connectors for antenna hook up. The threaded coupling ensures uniform contact of the outer conductors, which enables the SMA to minimize reflections and attenuation at higher frequencies while providing a high degree of mechanical strength and durability. Molex has a wide range of designs, including high-performance optimized SMA connectors, operating to 27 GHz.

GDT-2100 Ku-Band Ground Data Terminal antenna system from Smiths InterconnectThe GDT-2100 Ku-Band Ground Data Terminal antenna system from Smiths Interconnect includes a 4-foot reflector, Ku-Band feed, antenna positioner with integrated servo and control systems electronics, and tripod assembly.


Hirose Electric U.FL-A Micro Coaxial CablesHirose Electric U.FL-A Micro Coaxial Cables are suitable for applications that require high-frequency connectivity in a compact footprint. These cables deliver low reflection characteristics up to 18 GHz with an increased retention force of up to 50% compared to standard U.FL. The U.FL-A micro coaxial cables offer low insertion loss, high signal integrity, and a self-alignment design that enables stable mating. These cables feature 200VAC withstanding voltage (1 minute), 500MΩ insulation resistance (100VDC), and 50Ω characteristic impedance. Typical applications include telecommunication, medical, industrial, robotics, laptops, and tablets. In some applications an internal antenna can be etched on the PCB or flex film material and connected by a micro-RF cable and connector.

KYOCERA AVX A-Series low-profile SMT antennasThe KYOCERA AVX A-Series low-profile SMT antennas are qualified according to AEC-Q200 standards for automotive applications and provide the widest range of wireless technologies, including GNSS L1/L2/L5/L6, Wi-Fi6E, Bluetooth, cellular, LTE, 5G, and UWB, with frequencies ranging from 617MHz to 8.5GHz. The surface mount devices are designed to deliver superior RF field containment for improved performance in reception-critical applications and are RoHS compliant. The devices are manufactured in stamped metal, FR-4, ceramic chip, and ultra-small chip packages.

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Antennas Product Roundup


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