Belkin Simplifies AV Connectivity Over Long Distances with HDMI AV Extender

By Cable Assembly Supplier | February 08, 2013

Belkin Simplifies AV Connectivity Over Long Distances with HDMI AV Extender

Belkin announced its new HDBaseT HDMI audio/video extender solution for high performance AV connectivity over Cat5e long-distance applications. The plug-and-play solution eliminates the traditional challenges of long-distance AV applications, including confusing, expensive, and time-consuming technology, with a quick-to-install solution that can transmit AV over a single Cat5e cable up to 100 meters.

The Belkin HDBaseT is a point-to-point solution that resolves incompatibility issues across multiple AV brands. It deploys a universal protocol for heterogeneous AV environments without the use of a complex network of runner cables, pigtails, breakouts, or color-coded wall plates. It also supports custom long-run capability with PVC, Plenum, and Riser. The result is a long-distance AV solution that requires dramatically less labor to install and manage.

“We designed our HDBaseT solution to help AV installers achieve more without spending extra time or resources,” said Sydney Wen, product development manager for Belkin. “It’s an ideal choice for long-distance AV environments, including education, government, conference centers, and signage applications, because it packs superior performance into a small, plug-and-play solution that requires a fraction of the resources to set up, move, and manage.”

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