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Is Your Cable Assembly Also Your Achilles Heel?

There are critical steps to effectively manage – and minimize – the risk involved in the design, manufacture, and assembly of custom medical cables to ensure the cable assembly is not the system’s Achilles heel.    An impactful new medical device is released to the market, only to be recalled months later due to theRead More

Samtec Tiger Eye 0.80mm Discrete Wire System

The Samtec Tiger Eye 0.80mm discrete wire system offers increased contact density for greater space savings in rugged applications. Samtec recently expanded its line of Tiger Eye products with a 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch discrete wire system, ideal for rugged applications where a highly reliable connection must be maintained. The micro-pitch system increases contact density forRead More

RF Industries’ Low PIM .141 Conformable Cable Assemblies

RF Industries’ low PIM .141 conformable cable assemblies are an alternative semi-rigid cable for Distributed Antenna System installations. RF Industries has introduced low PIM .141 conformable cable assemblies. Standard semi-rigid .141 cable assemblies with a solid jacket metal shield offer excellent electrical and low PIM performance, but for installations with cable bends, special equipment is requiredRead More

2015 Cable Assembly Industry Outlook

The fourth quarter of 2014 showed modest growth, which may be a sign of what’s to come. Read on to learn more about Bishop & Associates’ preliminary 2015 cable assembly industry outlook. Cable assembly demand in 2014 was high through September, with year-to-date sales up almost 10% to more than $103 billion. Cable assembly demand slowedRead More

Medical Market is on Target for 2014

Having shown steady growth over the last four quarters, the medical market is on target for 2014. Bishop tracks eight companies in the medical market sector. This market has shown steady growth over the last four quarters, as measured by these eight companies’ revenues. In 2013, these companies grew 3.0% year over year. In 1Q14, theRead More

The Process of Cable Assembly Molding

For clients who truly understand the process of cable assembly molding, which can include cost advantages over a fully mechanical approach, the selection of a vendor is the key to procuring a robust and reliable product. While a molded cable assembly can offer significant advantages over a similar product with a mechanical construction, the artRead More

Samtec Panel-Mount Discrete Wire Cable Assembly

The Samtec panel-mount discrete wire cable assembly expands its popular Mini Mate product line. Samtec released a new panel-mount discrete wire cable assembly as part of its Mini Mate product family. This new panel-mount discrete wire assembly is ideal for in-line connections required to pass through a panel. The assembly accommodates a panel thickness of .0329″ (0.84mm)Read More

L-com Low-Profile Backshell DisplayPort Cable Assemblies

Similar to the company’s DPCAMM DisplayPort cables, L-com low-profile DisplayPort cable assemblies use a shorter backshell to fit in smaller spaces. L-com Global Connectivity has launched a line of low-profile backshell DisplayPort cable assemblies. This cable family is identical to L-com’s popular DPCAMM DisplayPort cables, except they use a shorter backshell. Shorter backshells on DisplayPort cable assembliesRead More

Industrial Market Sees Uptick in Growth

A number of trends are converging so that the industrial market sees an uptick in growth. Bishop tracks 13 companies in the industrial market sector. This market had mixed results, as measured by these 13 companies’ revenues, in the last six quarters. In 2013, these companies contracted 0.6% year over year. In 1Q14, the combinedRead More

Siemon Cisco-Compatible SFP+ Direct-Attached Copper Cable Assemblies

While its industry-standard passive SFP+ DAC assemblies have been tested and proven for interoperability, these new Siemon Cisco-compatible SFP+ direct-attached copper cable assemblies are programmed specifically to work with network equipment with 10GBASE-CX1 ports. Siemon, a network infrastructure specialist, announced SFP+ Copper twinax direct-attach cables (DACs) that are programmed for compatibility with Cisco equipment. While Siemon’s industry-standard passive SFP+Read More

Bel Fuse To Acquire Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions

Bel Fuse to acquire Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions for $98 million, its third major acquisition in the past 14 months. Bel Fuse Inc. announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions (ECS) business of Emerson Inc. Bel will pay approximately $98 million in cash to acquireRead More

Computer Market Contracts, Tablets and Smartphones Grow

PC unit sales declined 10% in 2013 for the second straight year of contraction, as the computer market contracts and swaps PCs for tablets and smartphones. Bishop tracks 11 companies in the computer market sector and 10 companies in the peripheral market sector. This market has been in contraction, as measured by these 21 companies,Read More

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