Souriau UTS LC Fiber Optic Connector

By News Release | October 20, 2014

The Souriau UTS LC fiber optic connector provides simple, multi-source optics for industrial and FTTX applications.

Esterline Connection Technologies – SouriauSouriau UTS LC Fiber Optic Connector expands its UTS series of products with the UTS LC fiber optic connector so that the range now covers the entire spectrum of power and signal needs in copper and fiber optic technologies, all with standard accessories and the same level of ergonomics. The UTS LC connector offers many innovations, such as the protection of optical terminations and its ability to integrate all LC contacts on the market.

Optical fibers are increasingly used in industrial applications to ensure security and efficiency. The UTS LC provides industrial users with an off-the-shelf fiber optic solution that is as easy to use as copper in that no special precautions are required. Whereas competing solutions’ LC optical contacts protrude past the connectors, leaving the fibers vulnerable to breakage during installation, Esterline Connection Technologies – Souriau has developed a special design that eliminates all risk of breakage. The fiber optic terminations are protected by the connector shell.

The advent of 4G LTE has created a need to replace conventional radio-frequency transmissions to GSM antennas with faster solutions. The challenge for fitters and OEMs is to integrate fiber optics while continuing to reduce implementation and maintenance costs. The UTS LC connector provides fitters with a fiber optic solution that does not require any special training or tools or the need for specialized fiber optics teams when deploying technologies such as FTTA (fiber to the antenna). Unlike most other solutions, which use LC contacts of proprietary design, the UTS LC features a design that is compatible with all standardized LC contacts. Customers can source LC connectors anywhere without being bound to a particular supplier, simplifying logistics flow and reducing total acquisition costs.

The UTS LC features a built-in sealing system for dynamic IP68/IP69K waterproof connections. The UTS LC features a particularly ergonomic closing mechanism that is characteristic of the UTS range: a 1/3-turn bayonet lock that produces an audible and tactile click to confirm proper connection. It is guaranteed for 250 matings and unmatings. The UTS LC withstands 500 hours of salt spray, is UV-resistant, and is not susceptible to mechanical damage or significant changes in color after five years of outdoor exposure (ISO 4892).

News Release
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