TE AMPLIMITE IP67 D-Sub Connectors

TE AMPLIMITE IP67 D-sub connectors are designed to meet MIL-DTL-24308. TE Connectivity announced its new AMPLIMITE IP67 D-subminiature connectors meet IP67 performance levels. Designed to meet MIL-DTL-24308 specifications, the new connectors have an environmental sealing that has been successfully tested at a submerged depth of one meter and have water and dust ingress protection to IP67.Read More

HARTING DIN 41612 M Inverse Connectors

The HARTING DIN 41612 M inverse connectors, suited for combined connections, offer users greater flexibility.  HARTING now offers its M inverse connectors for DIN 41612. These connector styles are especially suited for combined connections between circuit boards in which signal, coax, high current up to 40A, or glass fiber transmissions need to be combined in oneRead More

How to Specify Custom Circular Connectors

With even the most common applications constantly evolving, specialized connector designs are required on a regular basis. Here, AMETEK explains the process of how to specify custom circular connectors.   Considering the connector industry’s global sales of more than $50 billion, you would be excused for thinking that a connector design exists for every conceivable application. However, the competitive nature of theRead More

TE’s DEUTSCH CTJ Series Common Terminal Systems

TE’s DEUTSCH CTJ Series common terminal systems offer a ruggedized design to help meet demands of military and commercial applications. TE Connectivity announced its DEUTSCH CTJ series modules, AS81714 Series II, which are fully customizable for military and commercial aerospace applications. The DEUTSCH CTJ series modules are made up of a system of wires and components that areRead More

Mill-Max Crimp Receptacles

The new Mill-Max crimp receptacles are COTS alternatives to the popular mil-spec M39029 female crimp terminals. Mill-Max announced the addition of new crimp receptacles to its selection of wire termination products. The new 07XX series are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) alternatives to the popular mil-spec M39029 female crimp terminals. The receptacles are fitted with the high-reliability Mill-Max spring fingerRead More

Omnetics Nano-Strip Connectors

Omnetics’ Nano-Strip connectors, at .025″ pitch with high-reliability pin-and-socket systems, offer proven reliability in extreme environments. Omnetics’ high reliability Nano-Strip connectors, with ruggedized insulators and military-quality Flex Pin technology, provide the best and strongest strip-style interconnections in the world. These units have proven signal integrity and reliability in many of the most demanding instruments, including portable electronics for armedRead More

Inside Connection: Amphenol Aerospace

Inside Connection highlights the technologies, innovations, special services, and unique products from connector suppliers like Amphenol Aerospace. Company Name: Amphenol Aerospace Headquarters: Sidney, N.Y., US About the Company Amphenol Aerospace has been designing and building proven, reliable, high-performance, harsh-environment interconnects for more than 85 years. A division of Amphenol Corporation, Amphenol Aerospace designs, manufactures, andRead More

TE’s DEUTSCH 5015 High Power Contacts

TE’s DEUTSCH 5015 High Power Contacts are precisely machined to maintain tight dimensional tolerances and meet MIL-DTL-5015 specification. TE Connectivity launched its new DEUTSCH 5015 High Power contacts that deliver improved performance and reliability, and fully comply with the MIL-DTL-5015 specification for military and aerospace markets. “After years of product design and development, TE isRead More

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