Temp-Flex Releases Microwave Cables

By cs admin | July 10, 2012

July 12, 2012

Temp-Flex, a subsidiary of Molex Inc., released a line of microwave coaxial cables designed for high-bandwidth applications using proprietary processes.

Temp-Flex low-loss and ultra-low loss cables are aimed at electrical performance in military and aerospace, defense, automatic test equipment, and medical applications.

The microwave coaxial cables are available with either a solid core fluoropolymer resin dielectric (low loss) or an air enhanced design with a fluoropolymer resin layer applied over dual monofilaments (ultra-low loss) around the center conductor. The cables’ high-purity fluoropolymer resin offers a low dissipation factor and ensures a lower rate of energy loss.

The standard solid core (low loss) construction coaxial cable delivers 70% velocity of propagation (VOP), while the air enhanced dual monofilament design (ultra-low loss) achieves 85 to 88% velocity of propagation and improved insertion loss at high frequencies.

Visit Temp-Flex online.

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