November 2023 New Connectivity Products 

By AJ Born | November 07, 2023

New-to-market connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

November 2023 New Connectivity Products 

November 2023 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

Amphenol Communications Solutions’ MicroSpace High VoltageAmphenol Communications Solutions’ MicroSpace High Voltage selective loaded crimp-to-wire connector platform has a unique design that enables LV214 Severity-2 and performs at 3.81 mm, 6.35 mm, and 8.89 mm pitch with 400V, 800V, and 1200V. MicroSpace High Voltage selective loaded will be available in a staggered version with a top latch configuration.


Amphenol Communications Solutions’ PCIe Gen 6 connectorsAmphenol Communications Solutions’ PCIe Gen 6 connectors exceed industry standard PCIe 6.0 performance requirements. The optimized series is backward compatible and footprint interchangeable with PCIe 5/4/3/2/1. These 1.00 mm pitch, vertical card edge connectors enable all generations of PCI Express signaling in desktop PCs, workstations, servers, industrial PCs, embedded systems, routers, automotive infotainment systems, and respirators. The connector designs support 2.5 GT/s (Gen 1), 5.0 GT/s (Gen 2), 8.0 GT/s (Gen 3), 16.0 GT/s (Gen 4), 32 GT/s (Gen 5) and recently upgraded to 64 GT/s (Gen 6).

Molex debuted the MX60 series of contactless connectivity solutionsMolex debuted the MX60 series of contactless connectivity solutions. These low-power, high-speed, solid-state devices feature miniaturized mmWave RF transceivers and built-in antennas in one complete package for faster, simpler, device-to-device communications without the use of physical cables or connectors. As a result, MX60 solutions offer greater product design freedom, seamless device pairing, and increased communications reliability for video displays, sleek and light consumer electronics, industrial robotics, and devices operating in harsh environments. The MX60 series is based on unique, wireless chip-to-chip technology that operates at data rates from 1 to 5.4 Gb/s on the 60 GHz band with no Wi‑Fi or Bluetooth interference. The first models in the MX60 series replace traditional DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB SuperSpeed connectors to reduce development time, cost, and risk. An integrated retimer optimizes signal integrity at higher data rates. Additionally, a space-saving, contactless solution that provides USB2 and other low-speed interfaces is currently in development. The solutions address a wide variety of applications and devices, including smartphones, AR/VR glasses, tablets, self-driving vehicles, video walls, industrial robotics, medical wearables, and wireless docking stations.

Heilind Electronics presents Balance of System (BOS) photovoltaic products from Panduit,Heilind Electronics presents Balance of System (BOS) photovoltaic products from Panduit, which cover 75% of the total bill of materials required for large and utility-scale PV projects. These products increase safety and efficiency of solar systems. Panduit solar products are designed to ground (reliable grid grounding systems meet the latest IEEE standards while lowering installation times), route (cable ties, cutters, and grid locks simplify the cable routing process and secure the critical componentry of important PV systems), identify (pre-printed and print-on-demand printer and label systems have been developed and tested to outlast outdoor weather conditions for 20 years), connect (aluminum and copper power connectors are adaptable to new and existing systems in a wide range of wire gauges), protect (a full line of protective adhesives, heat shrink tubing, and the VeriSafe voltage tester), and communicate (the Panduit intelligent data center solution encompasses data center advisory services, intelligent software and hardware, energy-efficient cabinets, pre-configured infrastructures, physical infrastructure foundation, and high-speed data transport [HSDT] copper and fiber cabling).

AirBorn builds on its legacy of rugged miniature interconnects with TriMate circular connectors. Compared to legacy MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, TriMate connectors have a smaller, lighter, and easier-to-install connector package that helps manufacturers simplify their bill-of-materials by employing common receptacles to mate with three different plug types: a traditional 38999-style ratcheting threaded plug, a push-pull plug for improved density in installations, and a break-away plug ideal for applications requiring quick de-mating. TriMate connectors are compatible with MIL-DTL-38999 and M85049 backshells and utilize MIL-DTL-39029 crimp removable contacts, allowing customers to use familiar technologies while deploying a smaller connector in their applications. The connectors can be configured as waterproof to MIL-STD-810 (to IP6K9K sealing) thanks to a double-sealed mechanical and locking area and available overmolding for harsh environments. Visual and mechanical keying combined with a full-mate indicator helps eliminate mismating and provides a layer of user-friendliness to customer applications. TriMate connectors are customer-assembled, allowing for custom configurations as well as easy field installation and repair.

Hirose Electric added the BK22 Series connectorHirose Electric added the BK22 Series connector to its miniature hybrid flexible printed circuit (FPC)-to-board connector family to simplify mating and provide design flexibility. Combining space savings and a high-power capacity, the BK22 Series connector enables OEMs to reduce the size of portable devices without sacrificing power performance. It offers minimized contact resistance that facilitates power savings and allows up to 100W of power to be delivered via USB for fast charging. With two mounting points per contact, the BK22 connector design shortens the length of electricity flow to minimize heat generation when a high current is used. This unique board mounting design suppresses heat generation to 30 °C or less, even when 15A is applied. The FPC-to-board connector features a fully armored design that covers both ends of the housing with metal for enhanced robustness and a significant reduction in the risk of housing damage from misalignment when mating. Along with guidance ribs, a wide self-alignment range of ±0.47 mm in the pitch direction and ±0.405 mm in the width direction simplifies mating operation. Designed for pick-and-place mounting, the BK22 Series provides production time and cost savings, as well as superior design flexibility. A multi-point dimpled contact design for both the power (6-point) and signal (2-point) contacts ensures higher reliability and long operation life. The multi-point metal lock prevents unintended unmating due to impact and an insert molded header and receptacle eliminates gaps between the terminals and housing to prevent solder wicking.

November 2023 New Connectivity Products > Cable and Cable Assemblies

Fischer Connectors released an expanded set of cable assemblies for the KEYSTONE tactical hubFischer Connectors released an expanded set of cable assemblies for the KEYSTONE tactical hub, including three cables for L3 Harris, Silvus, and Bittium tactical radios and two device cables for Safran Vectronix’s MOSKITO TI target locator and STERNA True North Finder.

Designed to US Army Next Generation Hub (NGH) standards, Fischer KEYSTONE gives dismounted soldiers an easy way to manage the flows of data (USB 2.0 and SMBus) and power (100 W – 5 A max) between sights, sensors, night vision devices, radios, and digital equipment. More extensions to the Fischer KEYSTONE tactical connectivity solution are coming in 2024. The next KEYSTONE hub – Fischer KEYSTONE 4 – is a 4-port hub designed for soldiers who need only basic power and data connections.

November 2023 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Heilind Electronics Heilind Electronics added Laird Performance Materials’ Eccosorb RF-LB EMI noise suppression absorbers to its product inventory. These state-of-the-art absorbers feature a silicone-based elastomeric construction fortified with an enhanced low-frequency filler system. The proprietary filler technology embedded in the Eccosorb RF-LB significantly elevates the permeability over standard Eccosorb magnetic sheet materials. These absorbers can withstand higher temperatures compared to typical near-field noise suppression products and suppress the radiated noise that leads to interference. By placing an absorber over important components such as CPUs, chipsets, memory, and power devices, a system can be protected from noise and interference. Other applications for Laird absorbers include high-speed transmission lines, LCD displays, and circuit boards in telecom/datacom, automotive, medical equipment, networking equipment, military, and industrial applications.

The TE Connectivity Standard Die Envelope (SDE) Crimp Commercial Tooling System, now available from Heilind ElectronicsThe TE Connectivity Standard Die Envelope (SDE) Crimp Commercial Tooling System, now available from Heilind Electronics, features a rounded upper jaw design, specifically engineered for augmented strength and an even distribution of force. This structure allows for more consistent and reliable crimping across various applications. Incorporating the elements developed in the original PRO-CRIMPER hand tools, the SDE Crimp System adds a sturdier design. The system’s prime feature is its ability to reduce the requirement for numerous hand tools. Thanks to the SDE die sets, users can effortlessly transition between manual and power-assisted tools. The longer handle helps operators gain additional leverage while the adjustable handle force aids in operator comfort, improving efficiency and crimping quality.

WAGO’s new 24 VDC, 1-channel electronic circuit breakerWAGO’s new 24 VDC, 1-channel electronic circuit breaker improves overall operations and provides cost savings. This ECB features LED indicators to identify device status and the ability to configure all S2 output variants. The output configuration is available in seven different modes including tripped, channel state, or early current threshold indicators. An indented tool-operated button accesses the manual reset wheel, rather than a hard-to-open cover. Experience high inrush current capability, a slim 6 mm-wide housing for space savings, and a wide operating temperature range from -25 °C to 70 °C.  On adjustable units, current limits can be set via discreet setting wheel instead of a sequence of inputs on a manual input wheel, making it easier to fix and identify settings at first sight.

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