Juice Mission: Rosenberger Connectors on the Way into Space

By Connector Supplier | May 05, 2023

On the long journey of the Juice spacecraft to Jupiter, more than 100 Rosenberger connectors of SMP, SMA, and RPC-2.92 series are also on board.

JUICE space mission

The Juice spacecraft – Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) – of the European Space Agency ESA consists of various components such as thrusters, communication units, power supply, and scientific measuring instruments. The Rosenberger connectors provide reliable and high-precision service in the spectrometer SWI (Sub-millimeter Wave Instrument), which investigates the atmospheric composition of Jupiter and its moons, and in the particle spectrometer PEP (Particle Environment Package), which measures neutral and charged particles in the Jupiter system.

The Juice mission aims to measure the surfaces of Jupiter’s moons Ganymede, Callisto, and Europa, discover water deposits beneath the surface and study the physical properties of the ice crust.

Rosenberger Certified for Aerospace Applications

Rosenberger space portfolio of connectors

Rosenberger’s portfolio of space connectors.

Rosenberger is certified by ESA (European Space Agency) as a manufacturer of SMP connectors for space applications. Further connector series from Rosenberger – SMA, RPC-2.92 and TNC – are also qualified by the ESA standard ESCC 3402 (European Space Components Coordination) and fulfil the high requirements of the aerospace industry.

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