Heilind Stocking Hirose DF50/DF50A

By Connector Supplier | August 02, 2013

Heilind Stocking Hirose DF50/DF50A

Heilind Electronics is now stocking Hirose’s DF50 and DF50A series of connectors, the latest addition to Hirose’s line of board-to-wire connector offerings. These connectors have a narrow 1mm pitch that significantly reduces the required PC board-mounting area and feature a positive locking mechanism located at the center that provides a clear, tactile click sensation regardless of the number of repetitive cycles. This innovative latch is designed to prevent uneven locking commonly attributed to side locks and to prevent incomplete mating. The locking function and contact mating occur simultaneously on the DF50/DF50A Series connector. The distinct, audible click confirms a secure mating sequence has been achieved and is a valuable feature when dealing with high-vibration applications and other critical applications.

The DF50/DF50A series of connectors has a robust and reliable lance structure with a high cable pull force of 10N minimum to prevent contacts from pulling loose during installation. Offering high-contact reliability via an effective mating length and a two-point contact system, the DF50/DF50A series board-to-wire connector is designed with blade-type contacts attached to a thick, resilient housing wall that is resistant to cracking or deformation normally caused by wrenching forces during assembly. The contacts utilize a nickel barrier plating to prevent solder wicking, and this plating also helps to provide these connectors with excellent soldering performance.

The RoHS-compliant series connector is ideal for LCD, LCD TVs, PDP, wireless LANs, office equipment, high-vibration applications such as notebook PCs/laptops, industrial control units, automotive audio and navigation systems, medical devices, commercial gaming equipment, and consumer hobby applications such as remote-controlled cars and airplanes.

Offered in straight and right-angle versions, the DF50 Series is a double-row connector available in vertical and horizontal styles with a metal latch. The DF50A Series is a single-row connector that is available in vertical and horizontal styles with a plastic latch.

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