Graco AFD Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System

By News Release | May 04, 2015

The Graco AFD Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System for the cable industry enables double the throughput capability of its leading competitor.

Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announced the The-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt SystemGraco AFD Therm-O-Flow Bulk Hot Melt System, an ideal fit for moisture-block coating applications in the cable industry. With material throughput capability double that of the leading competitor, Therm-O-Flow systems have been designed to improve process efficiency and production capacity while reducing energy costs and supporting environmental initiatives.

The Therm-O-Flow 200 is available in configurations specially tailored for dispensing a moisture-block primary cable coating, applied to facilitate adhesion of a moisture-block powder deposited onto the cable downstream in the process. The Therm-O-Flow 200 dispenses a hot-applied, butyl-based, inert compound into a heated coating head. Bare cable strands are pulled through the coating head after a braiding process.

Dispense temperatures range from +300 to +350°F (+149°C to +177°C). Higher melt and flow rates directly improve productivity in this application: The Therm-O-Flow 200 can dispense up to 11 pounds (5 kilograms) per minute through a 15-foot (4.6-meter) heated hose. Precision temperature control ensures consistent processes, with accurate temperature control of up to 10 customer-defined heat zones in a single system.

Adjustable low/empty level sensors are standard on every Therm-O-Flow, so you never run out of material unexpectedly. Other features include an integrated drum air blow-off that reduces downtime by facilitating quick, easy drum changes. Easy-to-use, graphic-based control screens reduce training time, and USB data downloads allow for better process monitoring and control.

News Release
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