Foreign Firms at Forefront of China Quake Donations

By News Release | April 23, 2013

Foreign Firms at Forefront of China Quake Donations

Apple and Samsung, battling for a larger share of the Chinese market, have come up with pledges of financial support for the victims of the earthquake that struck southwest China’s Sichuan province. But there were no signs of Chinese electronic giants Huawei and Lenovo offering any significant donation.

As donations pour in, it is evident that foreign companies chasing a big slice of the Chinese market are a lot more generous with their purses as compared to domestic companies. Apple has promised $8 million and Samsung $9.63 million in what appear to be both human and public relations initiatives. Foxconn, the Taiwanese assembler for several brands including Apple, has also offered $8 million. There were no signs of Huawei, Lenovo, and ZTE, Chinese companies with international footprints, coming up with major donation offers.

Lenovo’s account on Weibo, the Twitter-like Chinese site, mentioned a low-value donation of 4,000 mobile phone sets to the quake victims. ZTE announced it was distributing 7,000 mobile phones. Huawei offered 3,000 mobile sets and two satellite phones and some large communication equipment. Another foreign company, Pepsico, has extended $1 million for quake victims.

This article originally appeared in the Times of India.
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