Custom Coil Cable Solution for Osceola Fire Department

By News Release | February 07, 2014

Northwire provides firefighters in Osceola, Wis., with a custom coil cable solution for greater efficiency.

Northwire-Osceola-FD-image-300x300The Osceola Fire Department, located in Osceola, Wis., provides fire suppression, fire protection, and rescue services to the village of Osceola, the town of Farmington, and part of the town of Alden. The department is made up of 27 dedicated paid on-call professionals and is listed in the top 25% of all departments in the country.

Application-Specific Requirements

When the department needs to spring into action, it does so more quickly and safely with an innovative CoilBoss Retractile Cord from Northwire. Each of the six vehicles in the department’s fleet is outfitted with a custom coil cable solution: A version of Northwire’s CoilBoss Retractile power cord that is mounted to the ceiling and plugs into the vehicle when parked in the fire station. With an extended length of 15 feet (4.57m), the cords ensure the vehicle remains fully charged. When a vehicle’s engine starts, the automatic ejection device detaches the coil cord, which retracts safely upward three feet (0.91m) and away from nearby vehicles.

Custom Design Needs

The Osceola Fire Department asked Northwire to design a custom version of its CoilBoss Retractile Cord as part of an auto-eject power cord for its emergency fire and rescue vehicles. The department also wanted the cable to lift off the floor to allow firefighters to easily mop underneath and so that it would spring out of the way of the vehicles when the auto-eject cord was activated.

“Previously, when we used standard power cords, they would occasionally get run over or dragged behind the trucks, damaging the cords,” said Don Stark, fire chief, Osceola Fire Department. “Or when the cords ejected, because they didn’t retract, they’d hit vehicles next to them, causing damage. We no longer have to worry about damage to our vehicles or cords, or the inconvenience of cords laying on the floor when cleaning the fire hall. CoilBoss Retractile Cords have made our operation safer, more efficient, and tidier.”

Northwire also created a custom legend and jacket color to match the Osceola Fire Department’s trucks.

Custom Coil Cable Solution Delivers

Northwire custom CoilBoss Retractile CordsNorthwire’s experienced design engineers provided the Osceola Fire Department with free application design analysis and prototype services, and developed a high-quality, innovative solution that exceeded its requirements. The custom CoilBoss Retractile Cords are 10 to 12 feet in length and feature a proprietary design that provides exacting performance and superior retractability.

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