CATV Connectors

By Connector Supplier | January 22, 2014

CATV ConnectorsCATV connectors include F-type CATV drop cable, sealed, and one-piece connectors; splices, adaptors, and terminators; aluminum entry/splice cable adaptors; and custom CATV aluminum designs. Designed to connect the ends of coaxial cable, they are primarily used in CATV network applications.  The key to specifying these connectors is the size of the cable being used in the application. The spacing of the conductors inside the cable must remain uniform, and any change could cause feedback and noise. These connectors come in screw-on, compression, and crimp-style (circular and hex) versions. Screw-on versions require no tooling, but are not suitable for areas where the connector will be exposed to any type of vibration, as they can come unscrewed. Standard crimp is probably the least desirable type, due to their inability to establish a tight grip on the outer jacket of the cable, increasing the likelihood of loss of signal. For the user who wants a crimp connection and is looking for a strong and robust connection, the hex crimp is much better. Compression types, which allow the fitting to actually grab onto the outer jacket shielding, provide the most water-resistant termination and, therefore, are used extensively in outdoor applications.

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