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  • 2024 Forecast: What’s Ahead for the Connector Industry?

    The connector industry has proven its resilience against a range of challenges, with outstanding growth in the post-pandemic period. Can it keep up? After 2021’s stunning double-digit growth, no one expected the connector industry to perform as well as it did in 2022, but in a year marked by continuing pandemic aftershocks, environmental disasters, andRead More

  • New Report Examines Performance and Outlook for the European Connector Industry

    Bishop & Associates has tracked the activities of the European connector industry for 41 years. Find out how things went in 2022 and what’s to come in the years ahead. Europe is a vibrant center of great technological innovation. Home to more than 200 connector companies and many more end users of electronic components, it’sRead More

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Structured Cabling Technology and Market Assessment

January 15, 2013 – The recession reduced investment, cancelled many projects, and impacted budgets in the structured cabling market. Meanwhile, changes in IT technology reshuffled the product mix end-users demand from manufacturers, forcing companies to reconsider their portfolios and adjust the way they approach the market.

Big OEM Sales, No Profits: Consumer Market for Cable Assemblies

January 15, 2013 – The consumer cable assembly market grew 2.1% in 2011 to $6 billion, after increasing 30% in 2010. Although sales were down slightly for the market in 2012, profits are down dramatically for the OEMs. It begs the question, where is the edge of the cliff for this industry?

Wrap-Up: Mixed Feelings at electronica 2012

December 4, 2012 – Bishop & Associates’ staff attended electronica 2012 and talked to industry personnel to discuss industry trends, news, and advancements to obtain insight into the outlook of industry insiders. Here’s the general consensus.

Connector Distributors are Feeling Price Pressure

Competition is the primary cause for the decrease in both prices and margins. In a downturn, price competition heats up and the cannibalization of margins begins. Are distributors becoming their own worst enemies?

The Military/Aerospace Market for Cable Assemblies Sees a Cloudy Forecast for 2012

The military and aerospace industry is continuing to experience the downward pressures of a challenging economy. Military budgets have proven buoyant over the past few years, driven by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and by higher spending by developing countries. Now the main drivers of military demand — threats, politics, and the economy — areRead More

The Telecom/Datacom Market for Cable Assemblies, Mobile Devices Drive Market

The telecom industry continues to experience better growth than other market sectors due, in good part, to the world’s insatiable appetite for mobile subscriber technology, particularly smartphones. According to Gartner, smartphone manufacturers shipped 472 million of the devices in 2011 and they now compose 31% of the cellphone market. This is a 58% increase fromRead More

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