Bishop & Associates David Pheteplace Retires

By Amy Goetzman | November 28, 2023

Bishop & Associates David Pheteplace Retires

Pheteplace wraps up a 43-year career in the connector industry at the end of 2023.

It’s the end of an era at Bishop & Associates: After a long career in the connector Industry, Senior Vice President & Managing Director of Cable Assembly Research David Pheteplace will begin the new year in retirement.

Pheteplace joined the connector industry at the beginning of the modern computing era, at a moment in time when connected technologies rapidly expanded to transform every market. At that time, the market included many custom and competing interconnects, so Pheteplace saw business opportunities across the electronics industry. He also experienced firsthand the intense period of consolidation in the 1980s and ‘90s and the standardization of many interconnects that transformed the connector industry. Pheteplace began his connector industry career with Bendix Military Connectors in Sidney, New York, in 1979. In 1982, Bendix was acquired by Allied Corp., which was then sold to Amphenol. During those years, the connector industry saw its busiest period of consolidation, as many smaller interconnect specialists were folded into larger entities. (Bendix connectors are still widely used in the military and aerospace markets.)

For the next 43 years, Pheteplace would hold positions in strategic planning, marketing management, sales, and general management, working with electronic connectors, flat ribbon cable manufacturers, and cable/electronic assembly manufacturers. As part of the Amphenol team, he worked at the company’s headquarters in Lisle, Illinois, as director of program management, then moved to Amphenol Interconnect Products in Endicott, New York, as VP of sales/marketing and VP/general manager. He also served as the vice president and general manager at Amphenol Spectra Strip. He returned to Illinois to become vice president and general manager of Cinch Corporation/Labinal in Chicago. He then became vice president of North American businesses for Robinson Nugent Corporation, a company that was later acquired by 3M.

These experiences gave him a broad understanding of the many facets of the interconnect world, which he brought to his role as director of the cable assembly business and senior vice president of Bishop & Associates in 2010. At Bishop, Pheteplace has observed the full activity of the global interconnect world, including technology trends, industry activities, and company performance measures for Bishop’s family of publications and reports.

He is now looking forward to turning his focus to his retirement hobbies, including fly-fishing and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity through the Care-A-Vaneers organization, which travels the country in RV travel trailers to ply their skills. “This will keep me focused as I travel around the country and allow me to give back to many communities,” said Pheteplace. Family will be another focus: His wife Julia has retired from the Department of Homeland Security and the couple plans to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

Lynda Nolen, Bishop & Associates’ director of databases and longtime member of the connector industry, will capably take over Pheteplace’s duties in 2024.

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Amy Goetzman
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