TE’s Connectivity Adhesives Offer Excellent Bonding, Environmental Sealing, and Strain Relief

By cs admin | September 10, 2012

July 2012—TE Connectivity (TE) offers a wide range of adhesive products to meet the needs of the aerospace, defense, and marine markets. Developed to complement Raychem brand heat-shrinkable tubing, molded shapes, and wire and cable products, TE’s adhesive products have been designed for excellent performance. Whether used separately or as part of an assembled harness system, the adhesive products deliver the strength and endurance that is needed in extreme environments.

With TE’s extensive experience and depth of understanding of the environmental, mechanical, and electrical requirements that separate one application from another, these adhesive solutions offer customized performance characteristics that satisfy the needs of various applications.

“Our expertise in materials science has driven the formulation of adhesives that complement our heat shrinkable material systems,” said Mark Taylor, product manager, TE Aerospace, Defense & Marine. “This means TE can offer adhesive products that give great environmental sealing and bonding to a wide range of materials, while meeting the challenges of many different applications and environmental conditions.”

TE Connectivity offers a variety of adhesive products, including
Raychem two-part polyamide epoxy; Raychem two-part modified epoxy adhesive; Raychem chemical and heat-resistant adhesive; Raychem NBCCS (nuclear, biological, chemical, contamination, survivable) adhesive; Raychem hot-melt thermoplastic adhesive tape; Raychem hot-melt adhesive tape; Raychem elastomeric adhesive tape; Raychem general purpose hot-melt sealant tape; and Raychem halogen-free hot melt sealant tape.

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