SCHURTER Compact Filtered Inlet for High Temperature Environments

By Connector Supplier | February 28, 2013

SCHURTER Compact Filtered Inlet for High Temperature Environments

SCHURTER announced its new C22F appliance inlet with filter for use in equipment requiring electrical components rated for high ambient temperatures. The unique design provides higher temperature ratings in a standard compact package, thus filling a gap between existing products on the market and the increasing demand for higher performing components.

The C22F appliance connector is rated at 155°C. The chamfered shape of the inlet differentiates its style according to IEC 60320 C22, versus the rectangular shape of the more standard C20-style rated at 70°C. Combined with a power line filter rated for ambient temperatures ranging up to 16A at 75°C and 20A at 65°C, the unique design provides exceptional attenuation characteristics at high ambient temperatures.

The C22F and C20F are ENEC-approved at 16A at 250 VAC and cURus-approved at 20 at 250 VAC. SCHURTER also offers the inlets without filters. The filters are available in standard and medical versions suitable for applications according to IEC 60950 and IEC 60601-1. Applications include power distribution units, IT servers, medical heating appliances, and imaging systems. Versions with extra large X capacitor of 330 nF are available. Terminals are quick-connect or solder. Wire leads are available on request. Mating cord connectors and moulded cord sets are also supplied.

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