Updated: October 29th, 2018

IoT technology has enabled life-changing innovations in medicine, security, transportation, and communication. But it’s also unleashed a wave of unnecessary or downright goofy devices. Are we in the Age of Wisdom or the Age of Foolishness?

There is little doubt that the Internet has had a huge impact on our daily life. Some have even compared the introduction of the Internet to the disruption created by the moveable type printing press. Both have expanded the expression of ideas and information available to the masses and changed the trajectory of civilization.

The invention of the printing press enabled the creation and distribution of serious works of literature as well as not-so-valuable supermarket tabloids. Similarly, the Internet has spawned a universe of incredibly useful applications as well as ones that seek to fill a limited need or one that doesn’t exist. Some of these frivolous applications seem to be based on the “just because we can” premise where automating a function may demand more time and effort than doing the task manually. Early te