TE Connectivity Launches Fastest Interconnects for Communication Systems

By News Release | October 14, 2013

TE Connectivity Launches Fastest Interconnects for Communication Systems

TE Connectivity unveiled its zSFP+ pluggable I/O interconnects, a line of high-speed connectors and cages. Designed to transfer data at 28Gb/s, with potential for upgrade to 40Gb/s, the new zSFP+ product line is currently one of the fastest single-channel I/O connectors available on the market today.

TE’s zSFP+ interconnects are part of the company’s 28Gb/s product portfolio that is expanding steadily to cover all connectivity requirements of communication systems — routers, servers, switches, and more. From the front panel of a system to its backplane, TE is offering 28Gb/s interconnects to help OEM/ODM designers re-architect the data center.

“The zSFP+ connector is just the start of the 28Gb/s revolution,” said TE Global Product Manager Melissa Knox. “We expect that the next wave of data centers will be built around 28Gb/s interconnects to keep up with the world’s increasing data consumption. Our zSFP+ interconnects will allow customers to design-in a connector that performs at today’s 10-16Gb/s speeds but that has an upgrade path to higher speeds of 28Gb/s. Essentially, the product serves the market needs of today and tomorrow.”

The zSFP+ pluggable I/O interconnect is offered as a dual source with Molex Incorporated, a global supplier of connectors and interconnect components, covering the zSFP+ product families. Both companies will manufacture, market, and sell interchangeable zSFP+ products to provide a dual source to the global market.

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