New MSA to Extend Pluggable I/O Capability

TE recently announced the intent to form a new MSA to create a standard for a new pluggable form factor that will deliver four duplex channels at 25Gb/s NRZ per channel.   The race to ever-faster I/O interfaces continues to heat up. Design engineers are looking for ways to avoid a data bottleneck at the I/O panelRead More

A Short Guide to Power Connectors

With such a variety of power connectors from which to choose, C2G has put together a short guide to power connectors to make your selection quick and easy.   Power connectors allow electronic devices to connect to available power outlets. Power cables can carry either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). An example of ACRead More

How Wireless Local Area Networks Affect Connector Content

Wi-Fi has changed the connector and cabling content in wireless local area networks. Here’s how different types of Wi-Fi are affecting, and sometimes displacing, connectivity products in LANs.   Wi-Fi – what would we do without it? It’s the first thing any Generation Y or Z person looks for when they walk into a new restaurant,Read More

Wireless Connectivity Cuts the Cord

Technology disrupters or paradigm shifts often pose serious threats to existing technology, but also open entirely new opportunities to those that recognize and espouse them. Bob Hult examines the drivers and the results when wireless connectivity cuts the cord.   Progress in just about every field of human endeavor tends to advance at a measuredRead More

Medical Connectors: Characteristics and Regulations

Positronic offers insight into medical connectors’ characteristics and regulations to follow to ensure safety in critical applications. Just as doctors need to pass the medical boards, medical connectors are required to pass many tests to ensure that they meet the stringent standards of safety, performance, and reliability required to work in the medical field. They mustRead More

What’s Driving the Electric Vehicle Market?

First designed more than 100 years ago, electric cars are making a “comeback.” So what’s driving the electric vehicle market? Electric vehicles were all the rage 100 years ago. They were quiet, reliable, and did not require strenuous manual cranking or shifting. They ran 35 to 50 miles between recharges, with some able to runRead More

VITA Specifications: Setting the Standard

The VITA specifications enable the embedded computer industry to support military, avionic, space, instrumentation, semiconductor processing, medical imaging, and industrial control applications. The way industry standards are often viewed by the engineering community has been the source of jokes for many years: How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they simplyRead More

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