Smart Technologies Make Public Spaces Safe During Pandemic

As consumers begin to return to public spaces, a new crop of smart technologies is helping to keep surfaces clean, air clear, and viruses safely away. As vaccination rates rise and infection rates fall, consumers are beginning to venture back into public spaces and resume normal activities, including eating at restaurants, returning to school andRead More

IP68 Medical Connectors Product Roundup

This week’s Product Roundup highlights IP68 medical connectors and cable assemblies from leading suppliers. IP68 Medical Connectors Axon’ Cable designs and manufactures custom cable assemblies and interconnect systems for a wide variety of medical market applications, leveraging its proven expertise in conductor design and manufacturing, composite cables, jacket and tube extrusion, plastic injection molding and overmolding,Read More

Lumberg 3614 RAST 5 Connector

The Lumberg 3614 RAST 5 connector was developed based on customer feedback. Lumberg expanded its broad range of RAST 5 direct IDT connectors with the all-new 3614. The two- to six-pin direct connector provides a 5mm pitch, 6A at TU 70°C, and a rated voltage of 250V with screw-clamp technology. “Installation space is becoming increasingly defined in heating technology,” said Christian Forner, headRead More

Lumberg RAST 2.5 IMS Connector

The Lumberg RAST 2.5 IMS connector ensures safe single-sided mating with an aluminum PCB. Lumberg has developed a direct connector with three to five poles that ensures safe single-sided mating with an aluminum PCB, to address the need for heat dissipation in automotive electronics. Its mating face is compatible with the versatile 2.5 RAST connectors used inRead More

Belden’s Wash-Down Cord Sets

Belden’s Wash-Down Cord Sets are designed to perform in extreme environments, providing functional reliability and lower maintenance costs.  Belden Inc. released new Wash-Down Cord Sets as part of its Lumberg Automation product portfolio in North America and Europe. The new cord sets are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, immense pressure, and the chemical exposure typicalRead More

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