Lumberg 3614 RAST 5 Connector

By News Release | March 09, 2015

The Lumberg 3614 RAST 5 connector was developed based on customer feedback.

LumbergLumberg RAST connectors expanded its broad range of RAST 5 direct IDT connectors with the all-new 3614. The two- to six-pin direct connector provides a 5mm pitch, 6A at TU 70°C, and a rated voltage of 250V with screw-clamp technology.

“Installation space is becoming increasingly defined in heating technology,” said Christian Forner, head of sales at Lumberg Connect. “We supply all the well-known manufacturers around the world and are in close contact with their development departments and product designers.

“Especially in wall-mounted, gas-fired boilers fitted in kitchens, where more often than not the pump, burner, heat exchanger, and electronics have to be integrated behind a single door, miniaturization has progressed considerably, with leading manufacturers opting for direct mating. 10 years ago, the proportion of classic mass-volume devices using indirect connectors compared to those using direct connectors was around 70/30; today it has at least leveled at 50/50.”

News Release
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