Printed Circuit Board

FCI Wins DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2014

FCI Wins DesignVision Award for ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors Yesterday, FCI won a DesignCon DesignVision award in the interconnect technologies and components category for its ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors (DMO). The award program celebrates the achievements of the most innovative electronics companies and the unique tools that support customer needs to improve andRead More

The Cabled Backplane Challenge

December 2013 – Has the traditional PCB backplane approach reached its data speed limits? Many in the electronic manufacturing industry think so, and search for an alternate means to achieve data rates and throughput that will take us into the next generation of information technology. High-speed cable technology may be the answer.

PCB Connector Termination Evolution Continues

September 2013 – Manufacturers have slowly adopted new methods of connector termination only after years of process verification providing designerswith multiple options that feature cost-effective manufacturabilty as well as a high degree of long-term reliability.

MEMS and FPC: Good Things in Small Packages

MEMS and FPC: Good Things in Small Packages Connector miniaturization has enabled device manufacturers to give consumers robust devices that aggregate processing power, space, and weight savings to operate all day from packages small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. Users have come to expect thinner cell phones, lighter laptops, and tablets that canRead More

FCI’s RotaConnect Board-to-Board Connector

FCI has developed a hermaphroditic board-to-board connector that can be rotated to any angle between +90° and -60°. The RotaConnect rotatable board-to-board connector offers significant design flexibility, as the same connector is capable of providing perpendicular, co-planar, or angled interconnect solutions. The hermaphroditic board-to-board connector, which mates to itself, can also be placed anywhere onRead More

AVX’s New IDC Wire-to-Board Connectors for Industrial and SSL Applications

AVX Corporation has further expanded its 9159 Series of SMT connectors with the addition of IDC wire-to-board plug-and-socket connectors. The new 9159 Series IDC connectors facilitate the easy, reliable, and cost-effective termination of 22-24AWG discrete or cabled power and signal wires into standard 9159 Series two-piece connectors systems, maximizing their flexibility by providing them withRead More

Molex Expands Parameters of Mini-Fit Portfolio and KK System

Molex Mini-Fit Product Expansion Molex Inc. expanded its range of customization, modification, and extension (CME) capabilities on variations of its Mini-Fit product offerings and KK system of “building block” connectors for small-pitch, high-current, high-density applications. CME versions of the Mini-Fit and KK interconnects feature multiple power, circuit count, configuration and size parameters for optimal flexibilityRead More

HARTING Offers Crimp Female Connector

July 10, 2012 HARTING is now offering a cable connector for the DIN 41612 3C and 3R types. The new connector is made for for smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies in particular, thanks to its space-saving design. Three available outlet ports can be opened up by breaking through the external walls as required. TheRead More

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