GradConn Fine-Pitch Wire-to-Board Solutions for Restricted Space

By News Release | March 18, 2014

The new GradConn fine-pitch wire-to-board solutions offer, with .031″ and .039″ pitch, tiny PCB footprints and low-profile mounted heights.

GradConn Fine-Pitch wire-to-board connectorsGradConn has released new fine-pitch wire-to-board range of solutions suitable for any application where space is at a premium, such as laptops, tablets, video cameras, and portable GPS systems. The new .031″ and .039″ pitch connectors offer tiny PCB footprints and low-profile mounted heights.

PCB headers are shrouded and polarized to avoid mis-mating, and are available in vertical or horizontal orientation. Cable assemblies are available to suit individual customer designs, including connector types from other manufacturers.

A combination of vertical PCB header and cable assembly is perfect for areas where PCB space is at a premium, offering a tiny footprint with a mating height of just .155″  (031″ pitch). Where height above the PCB is critical, right-angle headers offer a tiny .069″ mated height with a footprint depth of only .154″ (in .031″ pitch).

Rated currents are 1.0A for .031″ pitch and 0.5A for .039″ pitch, with a temperature range of -13°F to 185°F. Cable sockets and PCB headers are available in a selection of colors for polarization purposes. Both .031″ and .039″ versions are ideally suited to many applications where board space is limited or because miniaturization requires fine-pitch connections between PCBs.

News Release
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