Printed Circuit Board

GradConn Fine-Pitch Wire-to-Board Solutions for Restricted Space

The new GradConn fine-pitch wire-to-board solutions offer, with .031″ and .039″ pitch, tiny PCB footprints and low-profile mounted heights. GradConn has released new fine-pitch wire-to-board range of solutions suitable for any application where space is at a premium, such as laptops, tablets, video cameras, and portable GPS systems. The new .031″ and .039″ pitch connectors offerRead More

FCI’s Low-Profile 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector

FCI’s low-profile 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector expands and strengthens its compact connector portfolio. FCI introduced a low-profile, 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector. With a mated height of only 2.50mm, this new product line offers a selection of three to six pin counts, making them suitable for many applications. These additions will augment FCI’s existing catalog of compactRead More

Fujipoly Carbon Zebra Connector Provides 500 Contact Points Per Inch

The Fujipoly Carbon Zebra Connector provides 500 contact points per inch via alternating layers of conductive carbon and non-conductive silicone as thin as .010mm. Fujipoly’s 2005 Zebra Connector is constructed from alternating layers of conductive carbon and non-conductive silicone that are as thin as 0.0004″ (0.010mm). This unique construction allows for 500 conductive layers perRead More

JST’s AUH Series Crimp-Style Subminiature

JST’s AUH Series crimp-style subminiature connectors are wire-to-board interconnects that offer design flexibility in LED applications. JST’s AUH Series wire-to-board, crimp-style, disconnectable connectors offer subminiature size, design flexibility, and reliable contact construction for high-density applications. These 1.85mm (.073”) pitch, right-angle, side-entry, surface-mount connectors are polarized and have a secure friction locking feature when mated. IdeallyRead More

VITA Specifications: Setting the Standard

The VITA specifications enable the embedded computer industry to support military, avionic, space, instrumentation, semiconductor processing, medical imaging, and industrial control applications. The way industry standards are often viewed by the engineering community has been the source of jokes for many years: How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb? None, they simplyRead More

Connector Technology Highlights from DesignCon

Bob Hult reports on the connector technology highlights from DesignCon, especially the race to 100+Gb/s. The DesignCon 2014 conference and expo once again demonstrated the event’s value as the premier showcase for high-speed chip, connector, and PCB board technology. Featuring a full schedule of well-attended technical sessions over four days, a sense of excitement andRead More

Technology Advances in the Last Decade

Technology advances in the last decade transformed the automotive, commercial, and consumer device landscape. Enabled by advances in silicon IC technology, markets and applications converged around WiFi, LTE, Bluetooth, flash memory, multicore processors, and standardized high-speed I/O interfaces. The transition from the Internet of connected people to the Internet of connected things opened up entirelyRead More

ERNI’s MicroSpeed for Fast Board-to-Board Connections

ERNI’s Microspeed high-speed connectors support 25+Gb/s up to 5-20mm. Current measurements and simulations prove that ERNI’s MicroSpeed family of high-speed connectors, with corresponding design criteria and layout (-2dB insertion loss, 5mm board-to-board spacing), can support data rates of more than 25Gb/s. This in turn allows extremely fast board-to-board connections with distances of 5-20mm to beRead More

FCI Wins DesignVision Award at DesignCon 2014

FCI Wins DesignVision Award for ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors Yesterday, FCI won a DesignCon DesignVision award in the interconnect technologies and components category for its ExaMAX® Direct Mate Orthogonal Connectors (DMO). The award program celebrates the achievements of the most innovative electronics companies and the unique tools that support customer needs to improve andRead More

The Cabled Backplane Challenge

December 2013 – Has the traditional PCB backplane approach reached its data speed limits? Many in the electronic manufacturing industry think so, and search for an alternate means to achieve data rates and throughput that will take us into the next generation of information technology. High-speed cable technology may be the answer.

PCB Connector Termination Evolution Continues

September 2013 – Manufacturers have slowly adopted new methods of connector termination only after years of process verification providing designerswith multiple options that feature cost-effective manufacturabilty as well as a high degree of long-term reliability.

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