Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid Connectors

By News Release | September 22, 2014

The Phoenix Contact M23 hybrid connectors for signal, data, and power transmission include cordsets and connectors for servo-drive and encoder-feedback applications.

Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid ConnectorThe new M23 hybrid circular connector from Phoenix Contact is an all-in-one connector that securely transmits signals, data, and power. The compact M23 connector can handle currents up to 30A and voltages up to 850VDC or 630VAC.

The connector features a centrally located protective earth (PE) ground, along with four power contacts and four signal contacts. The data pins have a 0.8mm diameter and can provide an optional Ethernet connection in accordance with CAT 5e.

The connectors are available in cable connection, coupler, and panel-mount versions for cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine applications. The IP65/67-compliant connectors are designed for temperatures ranging from -40 to +125ºC.

The M23 hybrid connector is ideal for servo-drive and encoder-feedback applications. They are also suitable for robotics, machine tool, and any other industrial application that requires a compact, rugged connector.

News Release
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