Industry 4.0 Drives the Industrial Manufacturing Sector in Europe

By News Release | December 04, 2014

TTI reports that Industry 4.0 drives the industrial manufacturing sector in Europe as implementation of “smart factory” technology gains momentum.

Industry 4.0: The Next Industrial RevolutionTTI is seeing significant growth among customers implementing Industry 4.0 or “Smart Factory” technology according to Norbert Piefer, European director industry marketing – industrial at TTI.

“The Smart Factory concept leads to end-to-end process optimization,” said Piefer. “In Europe, Germany is the leading country with a variety of local and global companies and institutions, sponsored and supported by the German government. Industry 4.0 is really the merging of two very different IT worlds – the office/administrative world and the factory floor. IT systems and components used in the office environment are not ruggedized and are not reliable enough for use in the harsh environment of the factory floor.

“As a distributor, that means we invest in training our field and back office personnel to provide a new level of technical support, as well as investing in stocking the latest technology from leading suppliers.”

Piefer cites this as one of the reasons TTI entered into a partnership agreement with TE Connectivity, which gives the distributor access to TE’s newest technology such as its Industrial Communications family or ARISO contactless connectivity. Molex, with its Ultralock family and factory floor networking capabilities, is another example of a TTI manufacturing partner with products that are key to this sector.

“TTI also works with customers to develop specific, integrated logistics and supply chain partnership solutions, which lie at the heart of a successful Smart Factory implementation,” said Piefer. “Thus, we are leading the way in end-to-end optimization as an industrial-focused distribution partner for our customers.”

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