GradConn Nautilus Waterproof Coaxial Cable Assemblies

By News Release | December 08, 2015

The new GradConn Nautilus Waterproof coaxial cable assemblies offer protection to IP67 and IP68.

GradConnGradConn Nautilus has released a new range of Nautilus panel-mounted waterproof coaxial cable assemblies, which offer IP67 and IP68 protection from moisture and particle ingress when both mated and unmated.

Working in conjunction with customers, GradConn developed a range of waterproof interface connectors with internal seal and O-Ring, which prevent ingress through the inner contact and through the panel. The connectors have been tested to IP6x, IPx7, and IPx8 for both one meter and five meters underwater.

Available Nautilus connectors include SMA front- and rear-mount, RP SMA, TNC, RP-TNC, and BNC. GradConn offers cable assemblies for a huge variety of coax connectors, specializing in micro-coax types such as Hirose, Murata, I-Pex, and Sunridge.

Many Nautilus cable assembly drawings are online, but if the option you require is not, GradConn’s online coaxial cable builder allows for quick inquiries.    

“The Nautilus range is exciting for GradConn; we’ve worked closely with customers to develop this range,” said Andy Hamlin, sales manager at GradConn. “After exhaustive testing we’re confident the products can meet and exceed our customers’ requirements for waterproof applications.”

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