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Founded in 1965, Lemco Précision is a leading international Swiss-based company which co-designs, manufactures machined inner bodies, pin & socket contacts, along with providing innovative contacts solutions tailored to the needs of connectors manufacturers and applications requirements. The company is certified EN 9100 : 2018 based on ISO 9001 : 2015.

We are specialized in producing:
• Standard & custom high-tech machined pin & socket
• Extremely small size (#23 to #30)
• Bent and complex forms
• Long and thin parts with small diameter (Ø 0.5mm tO Ø 10mm)
• Light weight & space-saving

What makes us unique and more performant?
Co-design expertise: Lemco Précision is more than a manufacturer. Our Engineers bring to your projects, a co-design expertise. our collaboration starts at an early stage by providing support based on clients’ drawing, leading to an optimal production.

Provider of solutions: Customers oriented and listening to the market evolution, we conceive and produce innovative solutions such as the SWISSCOATTM : innovative gold plating technique, which optimizes costs production without compromising high quality and first-class performance.

• Enablement of connectors repair and room for high-density connectors with our Micro-Isostatic pin & socket contacts. They can be used in Micro-D connectors
• Extreme miniaturization: As applications tend to shrink, our Engineering department has conceived extreme small machined monobloc parts ranging from size#23 to size #30. Development of these small contacts has been successful to various performance tests such as Insertion/ Force extraction, durability (EIA 364-9C, UP to 10 000 cycles, mΩ change),Salt spray…
Integrated vertical production for more performant electrical contacts
From co-design support to final production delivery, through prototyping and quality controls, we cover all the production line including surface treatment, color-coding.

We own:
• Two plants spread over an area of 10’000 m2, with 11 production workshop and 500 high-tech machines (CNC, Swisscam, high-speed screw and high-speed transfer machines…)
• One plant specializes in surface treatment of bulk parts.

Customization capability:
Our standard production allows to have products on-the-shelf for faster delivery times but we also produce custom-made contacts as per clients’ specs including quality control customization.

High-tech & Resistance:
Committed to product high safety and high performance, we follow stringent production protocol and all of parts benefit from :
• Production traceability
• Tight tolerance to harsh environment

Markets: Wide range
• Mil Aero & Civil Aviation
• Transports Non-Auto
• Industrial
• Space & Defense
• Medical
• Telecom
• Test & Measures
• Fiber Optics, etc.

Connectors: Assemble on different types of electronic components
• Various connectors line
o RF connectors (Coax, Twinax, Triax, Quadrax, Octoax)
o Fiber Optics
o Circular, rectangular & triangular connectors
o ARINC 400 & 600
o D-Sub, Micro-D & Nano-D

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