IC Sockets

IC Sockets fall into two distinct categories: Sockets used in equipment production and sockets used in semiconductor test, burn-in emulation, and bread-boarding. Applications for sockets used in equipment production include desktop computers, high-end notebooks/laptops, servers, HPC systems, military communications systems, weapons, vehicles, and vision systems, and any equipment that will require in-field device upgrade or replacement. IC sockets used in the semiconductor sector are found in device qualification, burn-in, and quantity testing, board-to-board interfaces, and semiconductor development and validation. As with many other connector families, trends in IC socketing include lower profiles, higher density, and increased mechanical life, particularly in test sockets. A market that is served by broad-based manufacturers as well as a number of niche IC socket-focused manufacturers, socketing technology has been and will continue to undergo a number of transformations.
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