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  • 2023 Connector Industry Acquisitions

    Suppliers reached deeper into connected systems and adjacent technologies to expand capabilities with strategic acquisitions in 2023. Our annual acquisitions roundup tracks growth and changes at connector companies. The interconnect industry continues to become more interconnected as suppliers expand services, capabilities, products, and supply chains with strategic acquisitions. Several significant changes occurred in 2023 asRead More

  • Top 10 Connector Suppliers by Geography: A Look at Regional Leaders

    Bishop & Associates evaluated more than 1,500 connector companies to determine the top-ranking suppliers. See the Top 10 suppliers in your region. Design engineers and purchasing personnel strive to identify the best connector companies for their design and purchasing requirements. However, identifying the best companies is not an easy task. Answers to the following questionsRead More

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Circular Connector Market Continues to Expand

Led by strong growth in the military/aerospace and commercial/industrial markets, circular connectors see continued strength even amid the disruptions of the pandemic. While some industries suffered huge declines last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the connector industry briefly slowed and then recovered with unexpected strength, declining only -2.2%, resulting in 2020 worldwide sales ofRead More

Speed and Flexibility Key for Broadband Networks

The demand for bandwidth in residential areas during the pandemic has accelerated needed improvements to network infrastructures. Powerful cable, connectors, and antennas make it possible. As offices, schools, and entertainment venues closed around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, broadband network infrastructure came under pressure as more people accessed the Internet for work, school,Read More

The State of the Connector Industry

The EDS Leadership Summit in Las Vegas was cancelled due to COVID-19. But TTI Inc. gave its traditional presentation online, reviewing the state of the industry and previewing the headwinds and opportunities that are heading our way. The 2020 DesignCon event was the last time the industry was able to gather in a normal fashionRead More

Top 10 Connector Manufacturers

The 2020 top 10 connector manufacturers collectively achieved $38.1 billion in annual sales in 2020, which accounted for 60.8% of global connector demand and is up from 2019’s market share of 60.2%. Every year, Bishop & Associates takes a comprehensive look at the connector industry in all its complexity, evaluating the activities of more thanRead More

The Instrumentation Connector Market

It’s all about higher speeds and higher bandwidths. As many economies begin to emerge from the pandemic, instrumentation companies are bracing for a surge in test equipment. Semiconductor companies will require testing of the latest 5G chips, and Analytical & Scientific labs are gearing up for the vast array of clinical research the pandemic hasRead More

Connector Industry Sales Outlook – June 2021 Update

Bishop & Associates tracks continuing high demand for connectivity products as the rebound continues across all major markets. Connector industry sales demand remains strong into the mid-point of the year, with bookings up +47.0% and billings up +30.7% through May 2021. These incredibly good numbers are a function of: The rebounding world economy as countriesRead More

Connector Sales Soar as Post-Pandemic Production Rebounds

Bishop & Associates predicts continuing high demand for connectivity products as OEMs ramp up to meet connector demand in every market. Despite the incredible challenges of 2020, demand for connectors remained strong across markets. In fact, after the shutdown period of the spring, most companies managed to regain positive footing as OEMs returned to normalRead More

Multi-Functional Connectors Meet the Needs of Therapeutic Equipment

Therapeutic devices are getting smaller, smarter, serve more purposes, and are exposed to harsh cleaning and disinfection protocols. Connectors with multiple advanced features are required to meet the challenging demands of these important medical devices. Therapeutic equipment includes a broad array of devices used to treat patients and improve their quality of life in theRead More

Material Costs in 1Q21 Up Significantly, Forecast for Continued Increases

As economies recover from the pandemic, demand has pushed costs up for gold, copper, brass, steel, thermoplastics, and other materials used in the manufacturing of connectors. Bishop & Associates tracks raw material costs for gold, copper, brass, steel, thermoplastics, and other materials used in the manufacturing of connectors. These materials represent 75% of the materialRead More

The Outlook for the Cable Assembly Industry in 2021 and Beyond

The cable assembly industry has rebounded after a challenging pandemic year. Every market depends on these critical connectivity components, but some headwinds remain in the complex global electronics industry.  2020 was a surreal year in many ways. In the cable assembly industry, it started with modest expectations for growth. The overall U.S. economy was headedRead More

The Industrial Market for Connectors in a Changing World

The pandemic, supply chain restructuring, changing energy sources, and industrial automation are among the factors that are shaping the outlook for the industrial market for connectors and the technologies that will drive it in the years to come. During 2020, making accurate predictions about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world economy turnedRead More

Continued Growth Expected in the World Connector Market

As the electronics industry continues to adjust to changes brought by the global pandemic, it’s clear that technological innovation will play a key role in the future of every market. A new report examines the impacts of 2020 and anticipates growth ahead. In the past 40 years, the world connector market has experienced only nineRead More

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