Updated: December 12th, 2019

High-performance interconnects that transmit power, data, and signal in military-grade radios, tablets, GPS systems, and headsets are helping military personnel fulfill their duties and get home safely.

By Amy Goetzman

We’re hearing the term “future soldier” a lot lately. If that sounds like a fancy name for robot, you wouldn’t be entirely off-base; tens of thousands of drones and other robotics are on battlefields around the world. But they aren’t the future soldier. That term refers specifically to humans endowed with superhuman capabilities, thanks to high-tech, lightweight, soldier-worn equipment. Naturally, this equipment depends on specialty connectors. We talked with Wayde King, product manager at ITT Cannon, and Bob Stanton, director of technology at Omnetics, to find out more.

Connector Supplier: What is the future soldier? What technologies does this concept include?

Wayde King: The term “future soldier” is used to describe a range of soldier-worn technology, equipment, and devices that increase battlefield effectiveness. Anything a soldier touches, wears, navigates, o