Mid-Board Optical Transceivers Light Up

Converting an electrical signal to optic pulses has been a costly option that consumes too much PCB space and power. That’s changing now, as mid-board optical transceivers light up the datacom market. Demand for faster internal and external system interconnects has begun to push the limits of copper, especially in lengths of more than a fewRead More

FCI HPCE Mezzanine Connectors for Power and Low-Speed Signals

FCI expands its HPCE product family with HPCE mezzanine connectors, an economical solution for transmitting power and low-speed signals between parallel boards. FCI expanded its power solutions with the introduction of HPCE mezzanine connectors. Building upon the existing HPCE product family, the new HPCE mezzanine connectors provide an economical solution for transmitting power and low-speed signals betweenRead More

FCI’s Low-Profile 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector

FCI’s low-profile 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector expands and strengthens its compact connector portfolio. FCI introduced a low-profile, 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector. With a mated height of only 2.50mm, this new product line offers a selection of three to six pin counts, making them suitable for many applications. These additions will augment FCI’s existing catalog of compactRead More

FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA

FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA is the next-generation PwrBlade connector, and it offers a 30% reduction in contact resistance. FCI introduced its PwrBlade ULTRA, the next generation of PwrBlade connector. These power distribution connectors offer a 30% reduction in contact resistance, which results in increased current-carrying capacity in a smaller form factor. These new connectors have anRead More

FCI BarKlip Bus Bar Connector for Direct-Pluggable Connections

FCI BarKlip bus bar connectors are rated at up to 170A and offer improved electrical performance and long-term reliability. The new FCI BarKlip bus bar connectors are specifically designed for applications requiring a direct pluggable connection to an uninsulated bus bar. The right-angle BarKlip connectors generate very low energy loss, with a maximum resistance ofRead More

FCI Launches 1.27mm Modular Connector System

FCI Launches 1.27mm Modular Connector System FCI, a leading developer of connectors and interconnect systems, is launching Minitek 127, a new modular connector system on a 1.27 (.050”) pitch. It is one of the most extensive miniature systems available in the marketplace, capable of a wide variation of board-to-board and cable-to-board interconnections. FCI is knownRead More

FCI Launches Power Distribution System

FCI Launches Power Distribution System FCI, a leading manufacturer of power connectors and interconnect systems, has developed a series of power distribution systems that provide exceptional performance with repeatable accuracy. Utilizing laminated bus bars and plates, FCI’s power distribution systems are engineered for easy connectivity and designed to save space, lower costs, and provide pluggableRead More

Not Old, Just Older: Legacy Connectors in Current Designs

By Raymond Yuen, Portfolio Director – Commercial at FCI ElectronicsLegacy connectors are dependable, reliable devices that offer design engineers a no-risk solution that has been proven in the field for decades. These interconnect products typically offer the most cost-effective solution, as these commodity devices are standardized and do not involve customized engineering or specialty designs toRead More

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