FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA

By News Release | March 03, 2014

FCI’s PwrBlade ULTRA is the next-generation PwrBlade connector, and it offers a 30% reduction in contact resistance.

FCI PwrBlade UltraFCI introduced its PwrBlade ULTRA, the next generation of PwrBlade connector. These power distribution connectors offer a 30% reduction in contact resistance, which results in increased current-carrying capacity in a smaller form factor. These new connectors have an overall height of 9.6mm and current density of up to 260A per linear inch.

PwrBlade ULTRA connectors are made with halogen-free housings and proprietary plating to improve current-carrying capacity. Their compact 9.6mm installed height makes them optimal solutions for traditional 1U rack-mounted equipment or in printed circuit board (PCB) daughtercards spaced as closely as 15mm on pitch.

The PwrBlade ULTRA connectors also feature molded-in guide pins that enable “blind-mating” when hot-swapping power supplies and facilitate modular system assembly. The versatility and other characteristics of PwrBlade ULTRA make them ideal for many new AC and DC power distribution applications in the data communications and telecommunications industries. They are also suitable for general power and signal connections in servers, switches, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment, industrial PCs, and instrumentation equipment.

“PwrBlade ULTRA connectors were developed specifically for applications requiring higher current density and reduced power loss in a low-profile form factor,” said Michael Blanchfield, portfolio director for power solutions at FCI. “Its contact design is drawn from the heritage of PwrBlade connectors and is adaptable to both high and low voltage requirements. This results in improved performance without an increase in PCB real estate.”

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