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Q&A: The 2016 Cable Assembly Market

We sat down with Bishop & Associates’ Dave Pheteplace to find out how the cable assembly business is faring worldwide and what he expects to see through the end of the year.   Q: How is the cable assembly market shaping up, growth-wise, for 2016? A: We do not expect the market to grow veryRead More

Facts & Figures: 2015 European Customer Survey Results

Bishop & Associates recently completed its annual survey of the connector industry’s European customers; in the first of two articles, we announce the top companies overall as well as those who scored high for product quality.   Bishop & Associates just completed an annual survey of the European connector industry, in which it asked customers aboutRead More

Facts & Figures: Performance Results for OEM Markets in 2014

Bishop & Associates tracks sales and profits in 13 market sectors. Based on the 120 companies it follows, it evaluated the performance results for OEM markets in 2014.   How are OEMs faring in the current economic climate? The objectives in tracking sales and profits of these 120 companies in 13 market sectors are to determine how selected electronicRead More

Connector Technology Roadmaps

Bishop & Associates researched industry trends, connector technology, and business forecasts to compile connector technology roadmaps through 2025.   Bishop & Associates recently released a report on connector technology roadmaps through 2025 with forecasts generated from industry input that examine trend line projections of US manufacturing data from a wide range of industries plus other industry data andRead More

The Big Deal About Connectors in Mobile Devices

Mobile electronics continue to evolve rapidly, and connector technology follows suit to stay relevant. Has the next big game changer already been introduced? Bishop & Associates’ Senior Vice President Dave Pheteplace examines KISS technology. Keyssa recently introduced its KISS connector technology, which allows mobile devices to quickly transfer large amounts of data by simply “kissing” oneRead More

Instrumentation Market Regains Ground with Strong Semiconductor Sales

Dave Pheteplace examines the performance of six companies to determine how the instrumentation market regains ground with strong semiconductor sales. Bishop & Associates tracks six companies in the instrumentation market sector. This market has shown strong improvement over the last three quarters, as measured by these six companies’ revenues. In 2013, these companies grew 1.1%Read More

Facts & Figures: 2014 Connector Industry Forecast

Bishop & Associates’ 2014 Connector Industry Forecast shows major changes in the marketplace, including stronger performance in the industrial, automotive, and telecom/datacom equipment sectors. The connector industry’s performance for the first five months of the year has been very strong. Year-to-date May, the industry has grown revenues by +9.5% over the same period in 2013.Read More

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