The Big Deal About Connectors in Mobile Devices

By Dave Pheteplace | December 16, 2014

Mobile electronics continue to evolve rapidly, and connector technology follows suit to stay relevant. Has the next big game changer already been introduced? Bishop & Associates’ Senior Vice President Dave Pheteplace examines KISS technology.

Creative ideas in connector develoopmentKeyssa recently introduced its KISS connector technology, which allows mobile devices to quickly transfer large amounts of data by simply “kissing” one another. In a recent blog on Keyssa’s website, Bishop & Associates’ Senior Vice President Dave Pheteplace shared his thoughts on where this contactless connectivity fits into the connector industry and the electronics landscape:

“Bishop & Associates is about connectors and interconnect research and metrics. I spend most of my working days thinking about connectors. Where are they used? How many are used? What are the benefits of different connector types and what are the problems? Ad infinitum. You might say I am obsessed. So why are mobile device connectors such a BIG deal? ”

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Dave Pheteplace
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