Schleuniger CT 65 Hydraulic Press

By News Release | October 20, 2015

The Schleuniger CT 65 hydraulic press is a programmable crimping machine for heavy-gauge crimping applications. 

Schleuniger’sSchleuniger CT 65 Hydraulic Press powerful CT 65 hydraulic crimping machine is designed for loose-piece, heavy-gauge crimping applications. Its parallel crimping action delivers up to 150kN (16.9 tons) for applications up to 400mm2 (750 MCM).

The quality of the crimp is guaranteed by a full-cycle mechanism that ensures the dies have closed completely before they are reopened. The ergonomic 15-degree tilt of the machine provides an optimal viewing angle, and the LED light enhances visibility of the crimping area.

The CT 65 features three programmable crimping profiles and job memory for up to 30 different jobs. Open and close positions can be programmed to minimize processing time and maximize quality. For instance, for smaller terminals, a minimized stroke length can be programmed, or when necessary, a pre-hold position can be programmed to secure the terminal in place, making it easier for the operator to load the wire. Simplicity of programming was a key focus in its design. The interface can be locked with a key switch for quality assurance purposes.

The quick-change system allows for fast changeover times between a number of optional die adapters. A variety of crimp shapes and sizes is available to meet your applications’ needs. The U-die adapters will accept industry-standard OEM crimp dies.

Due to its open construction, a variety of crimping or pressing applications can be handled on this powerful, yet relatively compact press. The versatility and power of the CT 65 make it a valuable addition to any production facility with heavy-duty crimping needs.

News Release
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