Omnetics Waterproof Micro-Circular Connectors

By News Release | November 03, 2014

Omnetics waterproof micro-circular connectors are ideal for both digital and analog high-rel applications that require IP67 immersion testing.

OmneticsERNI MicroSpeed Triple Connectormicro-sized (.050″ pitch) connectors in compact metal or overmolded polymer shells offer dramatic size and weight reduction for circuits requiring multiple pin interconnection systems. Nearly the smallest in the industry, they are less than one-half-inch in diameter for 28 positions.

Omnetics delivers an extensive array of micro-circular connector styles and formats, including a line of IP67 waterproof connectors and cables. Available configurations include solder cup, thru-hole, and pre-wired systems. Multiple metal shell options provide the designer a variety of locking systems and can also be used to connect cable shielding to panel-mounted connectors on the instrument chassis. Overmolded polymer shells are also available and can be used to reduce overall diameter and weight. A number of mating systems from cable-to-cable and cable-to-panel mounts are available.

Omnetics’ connectors employ nickel- and gold-plated beryllium-plated flex pins and are available as standard products ranging from five to 39 positions per shell. Current rating is set for up to 3A with a dielectric withstand voltage of 660V and insulation resistance of 5000 megohms at 500VDC. The microminiature connectors are designed to perform consistently up thru 20 g level of vibration with no discontinuities greater than one microsecond, and they can pass 50 g level of shock.

Metal shells and plating options include nickel, brass, stainless steel, and black oxide finishes. Shielded cabling is banded to the metal shells providing excellent EMI protection. Standard and custom backshells are available, as well as pre-molded strain reliefs to help users fit the size and shape of the cable attached. The designer can specify mixed signal formats to reduce size, shape, and weight of the interconnection systems even further.

News Release
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