December 2023 Connector Industry News

By AJ Born | December 12, 2023

Upcoming industry events, as well as recent award, partnership, promotion, personnel, facility, distribution, standards, association, and certification news from across the connector industry.

December 2023 Connector Industry News

December 2023 Connector Industry News > Award News

DigiKeyDigiKey won four MarCom Awards in the 2023 international creative competition for marketing and communication professionals, including two platinum awards (highest honor) for brand refresh and brand anthem video, one gold award for its updated logo, and one honorable mention in the online placement category. As one of the oldest, largest, and most respected creative competitions in the world, MarCom Awards recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals involved in the concept, direction, design, and production of marketing and communication materials and programs.

Smith's InterconnectSmiths Interconnect has received £1,907,065 in funding from the UK Space Agency through its Space Clusters Infrastructure Fund (SCIF). The funding will be used by Smiths Interconnect to enhance its Space Qualification Laboratory, a cutting-edge facility in Dundee that simulates the extreme conditions of space – one of the harshest environments known to humankind – to assure the quality and durability of space components. From simulating the extreme vibration and shock environment of launch to surviving the extreme temperature swings experienced during space flight, the lab has a full range of capabilities in which it will be investing substantially through the SCIF grant. A key goal for Smiths Interconnect is to reduce both the time-to-market and cost of manufacturing of its radio frequency (RF) and optical components. This will be enabled by developing new, in-house digital manufacturing capabilities and scaling up production through the automation of manufacturing processes, assembly, and testing of products. RF and optical components are essential components for space exploration and provide critical communication and data transfer capabilities in deep space.

HARTING Technology Group, Würth Elektronik eiSosThe top solutions of the Single Pair Ethernet Design Contest, launched by the SPE Industrial Partner Network in March 2023 to support exciting pilot projects based on Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), were announced at SPS (Smart Production Solutions) 2023. The competition was organized by the SPE Industrial Partner Network, together with the HARTING Technology Group, Würth Elektronik eiSos, Sparkfun, Analog Devices, and DigiKey. Winners were chosen in three categories: Best Industrial Application, Most Sustainable Application (Environmental), and Maker Scene. After submitting and reviewing their project idea, the applicants received an SPE developer board from Sparkfun Electronics as a common basis for development. The type of application was not fixed. In total, the evaluation committee received over 70 project ideas, 21 of which made it to the final evaluation. Best Industrial Application winner is Belden Deutschland Gmbh for IO-Link to SPE 10BASE-T1L Gateway. Most Sustainable Application (environmental) winner is Magnetic Communication Corp. for its control system for farming via SPE Magcom, a closed-loop SPE system aimed at environmental conservation, harnessing the capabilities of SPE for long-distance data transmission, robust connectivity, and efficient energy usage. Prizes were awarded to the three best solutions in the Maker Scene category, intended to illustrate what is technically possible with SPE, even outside of typical industrial applications. A complete list of winners and projects is available on the SPE Industrial Partner Network website.

December 2023 Connector Industry News > Technical Resources 

MolexMolex announced the results of a global reliability survey that reveals the challenges facing system architects and design engineers for hardware, including devices, when balancing growing expectations for reliability with ever-increasing product complexity, diminishing time for testing, as well as constant cost and manufacturing constraints. However, the results also demonstrate excitement for the future, largely due to opportunities associated with critical technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), simulations, and advanced analytics. Equally important, 91% of the survey participants reported a strong correlation between their ability to deliver reliable products with having trusted, proven supplier relationships. To that end, 96% of the respondents have changed part suppliers due to reliability issues, with more than a quarter reporting frequent changes. Overall, these supplier relationships are becoming increasingly critical, as evidenced by 74% of respondents who believe reliability is at risk due to shortening design cycles. The survey also looks at the current state of reliability, reducing reliability risks, the rise in AI and data-based tools, workforce dynamics, and global consensus on reliability.

December 2023 Connector Industry News > Distribution News

Sager Electronics has added Sensata Technologies’ GigavacSager Electronics has added Sensata Technologies’ Gigavac products to its line card. Sensata|Gigavac offers mission-critical, high-voltage (HV) contactor relays for DC fast charging, energy storage systems (ESS), material handling vehicles, and industrial equipment. Gigavac joins Airpax, BEI Sensors, Crydom, Cynergy3, Kavlico, and Sensata Pressure and Temperature in the portfolio of Sensata brands distributed by Sager.



CDM ElectronicsCDM Electronics has entered into a stocking distribution agreement with Positronic, manufacturers of high reliability electronic connectors, and subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation. The contract covers Positronic’s full series of standard density, heavy duty, and MIL-28748 rectangular connectors with removable contacts. Under the terms of the agreement, CDM is authorized to distribute Positronic products worldwide. Optimized for direct current, low frequency analog and digital high-speed data applications, the connector series comprise Positronic’s MIL-DTL-28748 heavy-duty rack and panel GMCT Series with removable contacts, plus GM Series parts with fixed solder contacts, and rack-and-panel GAP and GAPL Series PCB connectors with straight solder or right-angle solder cup contacts, respectively. VMCT, together with VAPL Series interface connectors featuring crimp, solder cup, right angle PCB or press-fit terminations, are also stocked.

Waldom ElectronicsWaldom Electronics Inc. announced the expansion of its manufacturer line card with the addition of Fair-Rite Products Corp. This strategic partnership positions Waldom as Fair-Rite’s Global Authorized Distributor. Fair-Rite will be participating in Waldom’s Excess Inventory Solution, providing its distributors with immediate access to a broad range of products available at reduced minimum order quantities (MOQs). Fair-Rite is a family-owned business that was formed as a partnership in 1952. Fair-Rite quickly expanded into the rapidly growing EMI suppression market, manufacturing ferrite shield beads. The growing demand led Fair-Rite into the medical, lighting, automotive, communication, aero/defense, smart energy, and industrial markets.


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