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We’ll Always Have Paris

In December 2015, 195 countries signed an agreement at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris. In June 2017, President Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the agreement, joining Syria as the only countries to remain outside of the agreement. What does that mean for the connector industry? By CarolineRead More

Ultraminiature Connector Products

This week’s product roundup highlights some of the most compact, capable, and lightweight connectors and cable assemblies responsible for enabling the reliable transmission of high-speed data and digital audio/visual signals in an ever-expanding range of applications spanning warfare to web browsing. Ultraminiature Connector Products TE Connectivity’s CeeLok FAS-T rugged, nanominiature circular I/O connectors occupy lessRead More

New Developments in VITA 67 Connectivity

VPX open architecture is shaping new radar and electronic warfare platform designs. By Michael Walmsley, Global Product Manager, TE Connectivity   Today’s military applications detect and track targets at faster speeds and longer ranges using active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, which has placed new demands on radio frequency (RF) signal processing. In response, fireRead More

Connectors in Embedded Computers: Upgrading Performance while Downsizing

Two conferences highlighted the ongoing changes in wiring, thermals, backplanes, and many more connector technologies. Bob Hult provides the buzz from VITA’s 2017 Embedded Tech Trends forum, and then another look at DesignCon 2017.   Embedded computers have existed in the shadow of much larger computer markets for commercial and communication applications. Unlike general purposeRead More

USB’s evolution brings increased functionality & ruggedized design options

USB Type-C connectors bring bi-directional power and data transmission, simpler connectivity   Since its introduction in the 1990s, Universal Serial Bus (USB) has become a ubiquitous connector protocol, enabling standardized connections between computers and peripheral devices, such as keyboards, printers, and external disk drives. USB connections are now commonly used for smartphones, portable electronics, andRead More

Battle on the I/O Panel

Semiconductor suppliers and data center managers keep increasing the volumes of data flowing through cables. That’s putting a lot of pressure on connector makers who have to meet these demands while reducing size. Optics may provide a solution.   The semiconductor industry has done an incredible job of increasing data rates and memory capacity, twoRead More

Moore’s Law after 50 Years

It is unclear if Gordon Moore realized what a powerful challenge he created over 50 years ago with his famous theorem. His forecast that the number of transistors in a given space will double every two years set the stage for the development of the incredible computing power that we utilize in a universe ofRead More

What is SHaaS? And Why Should You Care?

A Comcast survey shows that homeowners want a smart home, but they want services, not a collection of connected devices. What do design engineers need to know about SHaaS when specifying interconnects for these systems?   In April 2016, Comcast released a report entitled, The Safe & Smart Home: Security in the Smart Home Era,Read More

M.2 Connectors for Sleek Smart Home Electronics

Due to the especially personal nature of homes, smart home electronics must be user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and as subtle as possible. The new M.2 connector is designed for use with a wider range of module widths and lengths, and especially smaller computer expansion cards that operate at faster transfer speeds.   Intelligent devices are explodingRead More

Interconnects in the Office of the Future

In a recent interview with John MacWilliams, the connector industry veteran shared his best guesses on technology and its effects on the workplace of 2045.   In 2045, your work day will begin in your home office. You may still have a dedicated corporate office space to work and meet in, but the majority of your workRead More

Emerging Technology: Human-Machine Interfaces

As the Internet of Things starts to take hold, how do people engage and interact with the plethora of new connected devices? ABI Research shares an infographic that maps out the significance of current trends in human-machine interface technology.   Machines and computing solutions are increasingly prevalent in our surroundings. People need to interact withRead More

FCI PwrMAX Ortho Power Connectors

The FCI PwrMAX Ortho power connectors are designed for orthogonal system packaging architectures. FCI expanded its power connector family to include the PwrMAX Ortho power connectors, which are designed to support orthogonal system packaging architectures in data center equipment. This architecture can offer improved data transfer and improved system cooling by eliminating midplane circuit boards. PwrMAX Ortho power connectors can beRead More

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