Emerging Technology: Human-Machine Interfaces

By Contributed Article | January 22, 2016

As the Internet of Things starts to take hold, how do people engage and interact with the plethora of new connected devices? ABI Research shares an infographic that maps out the significance of current trends in human-machine interface technology.



Human machine interfacesMachines and computing solutions are increasingly prevalent in our surroundings. People need to interact with these systems, and in some cases, do so multiple times each day. There are any number of different solutions that people encounter: Machines that you walk up to like a kiosk; those that are part of a smart environment, such as your home, workplace, or vehicle; or a software application on a mobile device in cases where there is no physical access to an information source (such as emerging Internet-of-Things devices and sensors). The resulting situation is a complex interaction between machines and humans that requires people to learn how each interface works, its boundaries, and the process for accomplishing a task or activity.

ABI Research believes that user interfaces (UIs) are an area of major innovation, driven by the growth of connected devices in the form of wearables and the IoT (i.e., non-screen-centric devices that require UIs beyond the graphical user interface). Another driver is the increasingly unmanageable amount of computing interactions end users experience in the form of messaging and other information types that require a more discreet and subtle UI medium to prevent Internet clutter, which is set to increase dramatically as driven by the IoT.

As end-user reliance on digital content and interactions continues to grow, the use cases are becoming broader, more varied, and nuanced; therefore, no one-size-fits-all solution makes every human-machine interaction perfect and seamless. However, the innovation occurring within technology ecosystems shows that interface choices are growing and are increasingly affordable for developers to integrate and deliver the necessary performance to enable great experiences. The following infographic charts the latest developments in human-machine interface technology.

Human Machine Interface Infographic

To read ABI Research’s white paper on the opportunities of HMI in full, click here.

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