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Kycon Vertical-Mount Micro USB Type-B Connector

The Kycon vertical-mount micro USB Type-B connector expands the supplier’s USB series with a design solution for applications with limited board space.  Kycon has expanded its USB series with a vertical-mount micro USB Type-B connector to increase versatility. The vertical-mounting option offers a design solution for applications where board space is a concern. The KMMVX-SMT series comes standardRead More

Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-Pitch Ultra High-Density Array Cable Assemblies

The Samtec SEARAY 0.80mm-pitch ultra high-density array cable assemblies provide performance up to 15 Gb/s with significant board space savings. Samtec’s SEARAY 0.80mm (.0315″) pitch ultra high-density array cable assemblies provide 50% board space savings compared to .050″ (1.27mm) pitch SEARAY systems. With performance to 15Gb/s and up to 300 total Edge Rate contacts, thisRead More

Configurable Connectors in Mobile Electronics

Today’s market for mobile electronics requires both innovation and very rapid product development cycles. Configurable connectors in mobile electronics may be the answer.     Today’s market for mobile electronics products is fiercely competitive. Product success requires not only creativity and innovation but also an ability to execute very rapid product development cycles. In manyRead More

Tech Meets Fashion at TE’s Wearables Lab

As consumers try to warm up to Google Glass, Apple’s iWatch, and their Fitbit wristbands, TE unveils its latest “collection”: A Silicon Valley-based incubator team to enable the next generation of wearable devices.   Nicholas Langston, Jr., insists he’s the luckiest guy you’ll ever meet. Langston heads up TE Connectivity’s Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, Calif.,Read More

Silicon Photonics – Are We Past the Hype?

From its inception, silicon/CMOS photonics was supposed to revolutionize optical communications, but has yet to come to fruition. How much progress has been made so far?   Both Intel and Luxtera have been working on silicon/CMOS photonics for more than 13 years. While we have a few products, its promise of lower-cost, lower-power-consumption optical devicesRead More

Embedded Optical Engines Find Their Niche

Demand for higher data rates, panel density, and practical channel lengths with acceptable signal integrity have put pressure on copper connectivity to deliver the most practical solution. Embedded optical transceiver technology emerges to address this need.   Copper circuits still rule the high-speed electronic world, but optical alternatives continue to chip away at that dominance in nicheRead More

How to Specify Optical Modules

Optical modules are key components in networking equipment, and specifying the right modules can heavily influence overall system performance. Here, Erin Byrne of TE offers tips on key considerations. Optical modules are key components in networking equipment, and specifying the right modules can heavily influence overall system performance. There are several issues to consider whenRead More

Beware the I/O Bottleneck

It makes little difference what a computer’s computational capability may be if the I/O port is unable to keep up with the processor. Bob Hult looks at developments in high-speed I/O applications, and warns system designers to beware the I/O bottleneck. Similar to a crowded freeway, the throughput of any system is limited by its tightest constriction:Read More

Tablets, Nablets, and Phablets Change the Computing Landscape

Since the introduction of the iPad less than five years ago, how, when, and where we compute has changed dramatically. Now, as the handheld technology continues to evolve, tablets, nablets, and phablets will once again change the computing landscape. Over the past 5 years or so, tablets have been all the rage in the personal systemsRead More

Consumer Electronics: Has Innovation Peaked?

John MacWilliams wonders if, with the evolutions and revolutions we’ve seen over the last few years in consumer electronics, has innovation peaked? The consumer electronics industry (CE) has gone from also-ran to shining star – and back to a more subdued posture unless some exciting things happen by this fall. The transition goes like this:Read More

Hirose IT-P Series Power Pin Connectors

Hirose IT-P Series power pin connectors are designed for assembly alongside IT3 and IT5 Series high-speed mezzanine connectors. Hirose has strengthened its board-to-board power connector product offering with the development of the flexible and customizable IT-P Series. Featuring a three-piece structure with mating receptacle, interposer, and mounting receptacle, the IT-P Series provides a wide range of variableRead More

Passive Optical Interconnects: Affordable and Scalable for System Integration

Passive optical interconnects optimize datacom, mil/aero, and computer system designs. Passive optical components guide transmission of optical signals through optical networks. The concept of flexible optical circuits originated at Bell Laboratories in the late 1980s, and was called Optiflex. Today, interconnects are produced by nearly a dozen companies in a similar manner. Recent technological advancesRead More

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