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Obituary for Backplane-Based Systems and Connectors

Demand Falling for Backplane-Based Systems Let’s face reality, folks: The demand for backplane-based systems is falling like a refrigerator down an elevator shaft (as is the demand for copper-based backplane connectors). There are several logical reasons for this precipitous decline, and a set of laws that explain why this is happening. But first, we haveRead More

Server Equipment Paradigm Shift Ahead?

December 2013 – The server market has become a $50 billion segment of the computer industry, about the same size as the world connector market. With the advent of cloud storage and “Big Data,” many expect the server market to continue to grow, and to grow substantially. That could be a false assumption.

Is it Death by Air for the PC?

April 16, 2013 – What does the landslide of new tablet and smartphone introductions mean for the future of the PC? And how will it affect the connector industry? John MacWilliams looks at the tablet and PC market to find out if reports of the PC’s demise are greatly exaggerated.


HARTING Offers Crimp Female Connector

July 10, 2012 HARTING is now offering a cable connector for the DIN 41612 3C and 3R types. The new connector is made for for smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies in particular, thanks to its space-saving design. Three available outlet ports can be opened up by breaking through the external walls as required. TheRead More

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